Combo Flash Uses

So while playing accidently i kept linking a m.k before flash kick.
I fucked around on training and figured out if you hit any attack while the stick is in neutral before hittin up and flash kick you can get a quick combo.
the most affective combo was fierce to roundhouse flash…i think 35 damage…
does anyone have any good uses or setups for this?
can you use it instead of a ex r.flash kick on wakeup for jump ins?
any ideas?

Yeah, that’s part of Urien’s game sometimes, with standing mp to headbutt, or a fancy stun juggle ending with into knee drop. I’ve never really tried it with Remy.

lol, OLD’d, there is many set ups you can use, just mess around on training mode like you were doing, some moves can be canceled into ex moves before the moves finish and such. But yea, i tend to do standing lp or lk to flash kick, it works well as those two hits are quick and connecting to flash kick looks koo ;D

oh, and it’s not just flash kick, you can do this with LOV too, this is part of charge partitioning :wink:

You should cancel out of into a RRF.
It is best used during guessing games on wake up. When u think they might go for a grab do>flash kick. The comes out faster than a grab. So if it is timed right the will always win.


yea that lk is good for that, getting up cr lk is good too from farther away. cus if u see someone standing infront of u while u get up its good to throw out while they come at u for a wake up. but if they r close enough for the st lk then go for that. good stuff rage. i hope to see u at the lounge one day. we can see who has more micro… lol j/k