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Hi guys really stressing out with this now. Been playing ssf4ae recently and decided to use bison as my main been practising one combo for a week and that’s the 3 crouching light kicks into sk. For the life of me I cannot get the sk to connect and im not using the hk version. I can however manage it after only 1 lk into sk.

Any help would be appreciated greatly because this is driving me insane.


I alway found c.lp, c.lp, to so much easier on the timing


Im fine timing the 3 i just cant get the damn sk to hit it always comes too late and gets blocked or too soon and doesn’t come out


I don’t play bison but I’ve had that same problem with other characters before and I can say that its very likely your doing the link too early or too late. Try to do the combo as slow as you can and see if you can pinpoint it if either one is happening


cr. lk > scissors isn’t a link, it’s a cancel. If you’re trying to link it, that’s your problem.


should be a slight pause between the 2nd and 3rd so you can cancel the 3rd into sk


Like previously stated, the 3 cr.shorts need to be linked together. You could also chain the first 2, take a SLIGHT pause, and link the 3rd The actual xx scissor kick is not a link, it’s a cancel, so the timing to do that needs to be very quick.

But this combo is pretty difficult to pull off without serious training, but it is one of bison’s most important low hit confirm combos.


Just my opinion I’m gonna be posting.
If you can’t pull it off, try again, but if it reaches the point you get frustrated, stop, Bison still does have other options


To further help, what they mean by cancel is that you have to cancel the animation for the with the sk. If you tried to hado with ryu you wouldn’t wait until ryu hit the neutral position (after before inputting the hado, same thing here.


You cannot cancel a move that was chained.

In the event that you don’t really know what that means, I’ll elaborate: if you look at Dictator’s frame data ( you will notice that his crouch :lk: has 3 properties in the “Cancel Ability” column, ch/sp/su. This means that it is chainable, special cancellable and super cancellable. Special and super cancels are pretty self explanatory; if you input the cr.:lk: (only one for the sake of argument) and input, for example, a scissor kick as soon as it hits, you will actually cancel the ending (recovery frames) of the cr.:lk:. Practice that first, and make sure that you understand the timing for the cr.:lk: xx Scissor Kick cancel. (Note that the same applies to supers.)

Chains are a bit different; Street Fighter 4 uses four general types of moves: normals (regular punches and kicks), specials (fireball, scissor kick, teleport, etc., some of these can also be upgraded by using a bar of meter, and are then referred to as EX, but the cancel ability still counts it as a special), supers (the move that you can only execute when your super bar is full) and ultras (the moves only executable when your revenge gauge is full). A chain is when you cancel a normal into another normal. You’ll notice that if you mash cr.:lk: as Dictator you will get a 3 or 4 hit combo. However, try to mash cr.:lp: and you’ll notice that, while it IS comboable, you have to time it such that your second cr.:lp: comes out AFTER the first cr.:lp: ends. That is because the cr.:lp: is not chain cancellable. It is, however, special cancellable, so you can still cancel it into Scissor Kick.

Now that that’s all explained, let me get back to my original statement. If you chain two cr.:lk:, the game does not allow you to cancel the second into a special or super. If a move is chain cancelled INTO, it loses all cancel ability except for chain. So if you chain cancel a cr.:lk: into another cr.:lk:, you will not be able to do cr.:lk: xx cr.:lk: xx SK. Since cr.:lk: is +4 on block and Scissor Kick has 10 startup frames at best, you MUST cancel the cr.:lk: into the SK in order for it to combo.

I hope that was helpful; if I lost you feel free to ask more questions and I’ll help as best I can.


When doing combos should i learn to double tap everything to ensure the combo 100 per. or is that the same time as learning the timing to do them


There is no “right” answer to this. Some people double tap, some people plink, some people use single presses…it’s all about what works for you. Personally, I use plinking when doing normals, pianoing when doing specials/supers, double tapping for ultras/some links…it’s a mix of everything. Just find what works for you and practice it.


For the record, please don’t thread jack other people’s threads. Make your own post in the appropriate thread in this section.

It depends on the player. Some guys only single tap, some double tap EVERY button. Do whatever works for you to maintain consistent timing. If you’re not used to double tapping buttons, your timing will be off until you’ve gotten used to the motion.

Generally, people will plink the difficult links, and double tap or piano most special moves.


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I don’t understand why you would be double tapping or pianoing a special or super/ ultra.
I understand the terminology, but not the reasoning or advantage of doing this for specials, supers and ultras.


you can’t cancel a chained move into a special move, only links. What this means you have to slow down the button presses so you are linking instead of chaining. The difference between chain and link is when you press the button fast enough the lk animation is canceled and the second lk comes out before the animation for the first one finishes (this is a chain) and a special move cannot be canceled from a chain. If you wait until the animation finishes for the 1st lk before you hit the second one, the opponent is stuck in hitstun animation and the second lk combos as a link and can be canceled into a special move


To ensure they come out with perfect timing. It’s possible to mis-time your button inputs, so many people double tap or piano normals or special moves. It primarily relates to links, since cancels are FAR more forgiving with relation to the amount of time you’re able to input a button. It’s not so prevalent in SF4 where the game speed is slower and input leniency is higher. But in games like 3s, it’s almost a requirement that you double tap most of your buttons due to the strictness of certain advanced combos. Same principle can apply to advanced combos in SF4.

For example, smart Fei-Long players would either plink the st.FP after a chicken wing, or they plink all 3 punch buttons. This is to ensure that even if you somehow mess up the timing for the St.fp, you’ll at least land a st.strong or st.jab, all of which will connect into his rekkas.

For 1-frame links on jabs and shorts, you have no way to plink it without re-wiring your stick, therefore double taps will slightly raise the chance of you landing that link, assuming you mis-time the button press by 1 frame. It essentially gives you twice the chances to land that link.

Or let’s take ST. Ryu has an option select where he’s able to input either a dragon punch or a spin kick, by pianoing all kicks and punches.

Almost everyone I know double-taps the ultra motions just to make sure it comes out. Now do you HAVE to do all these execution tricks to become an advanced player? No. But it helps maintain consistency, something which every player strives for in a stressful tournament setting.