Combo Help


So I got the basics of frame data, but now I want to know how to put it to use for combos. A friend of mine told me that frame data can help a lot forming combos. I can easily do a combo that’s listed on the site, however I want to know how to use frame data to formulate a combo.


From what I understand is that if your first move (call it opener) is plus on block, then if you have a move that starts up in less time than you have advantage you can link it. If the move is special-cancellable you can use a special as an ender at any time during the move.


You can combo in few different ways

-You can “Link” moves, by throwing a normal that will reach active state before the opponent gets out of their hitstun state from the previous move
-You can “Cancel” moves, by throwing another move that will cancel the recovery time of your current move and start the new one, like cancelling a normal into special, normal into super, special into focus, focus into dash, and so on
-Some moves also put the opponent into a juggle state, like Ryu’s EX fireball or EX tatsu and that allows you to hit them with other certain moves
-You can’t combo into throws/command throws/ultra that are throws
-You can combo into anything after causing a crumple state (focus attack lvl 2 or 3), including ultras

Well, that’s all I can think of now, good luck ><