Combo help


I can’t pull off most combos. It just seems impossible! I can do an ultra and super combo, I’m not that bad, but I have trouble with regular combos. I can cancel pretty well with all characters, but I can’t really combo off them. Any help?


Well you have to understand the difference between chaining normals and linking normals. When you chain normals you cancel the animation of the first move into the second move, when this is done you cannot cancel into a special move. When you link normals you are basically waiting until the animation of the normal finishes, then you input the special and the special should combo. An example of this would be Ryu’s c.lp shoryuken. Try linking the c.lp after the by delaying the input of the c.lp almost as late as possible without it being blocked. Once you do this then you can pretty much immediately do the input for the shoryuken and have it connect.


What combos are you trying to do and with who?