combo help

hey i been playing sf4 since it 1st came out, i mostly played ryu and ruffas.

now i moved on to cody for the moment. and im kinda confused with something

why is it that its hard to do a special move after already connecting 3 or 4 hits?
for example, cody’s trail #23 jump H kick, jaw crusher, crouch l.p, l.k, H ruffian kick, ex criminal upper.

I usually get to the l.k but then i do the motion for the ruffian kick but it never comes out so he does nothing after the low kick.

but i do a low kick cancel into a ruffian kick and it always comes out, so why cant it come out that easy in the combo im trying to do?

so im just trying to find a way to get the ruffian kick to come out in a combo like that. or in general, im trying to understand why special moves dont seem to come out so often in longish combos

Thank you :pray:

anyone wana reply? -_-

I haven’t tried codys trials but it seems like you need to link the c.lp and You are probably chaining them together. In ssf4 you are unable to cancel into a special move from a normal move if you also canceled into that normal move. Bottom line is input the a split second later after you have fully recvered from c.lp then you can cancel into the ruffian kick.

Like I said I haven’t done his trials, so this may be completely wrong.

No, you’re completely right zippo master. IOW OP, you can’t mash/chain c.lp to You have to link them and that has to be timed well, Which may take some practice and patience.

This is how I separate the trial in my head:

[Jump] [H] Kick
Jaw Crusher
[Crouch] [L] Punch
[Crouch] [L] Kick
[H] Ruffian Kick
[EX] Criminal Upper

I too at first didn’t understand this, but doing Rose’s 1st hard trial and Sakura’s 2nd hard trial forced me to learn it. Ken has a trial in super where he does like 4 jabs into ex tatsu (the first three can be mashed but the last one has to be linked)… the same concept applies, except it’s so much easier for me to perform this go round.

Its probably because you are chaining the cr.lp into instead of linking them. Normals are chained when the recovery of one normal is canceled into another. In SF4, chained normals lose the ability to be special canceled. What you need to do instead is link the two normals, this means waiting until the recovery animation on cr.lp finishes before inputting

aha! im understanding the combo/link system more, i even finished all of akumas trails ^^ thanks guys