Combo-ing into Electricity super

I can do stuff like…

c. lk, s. lp, blanka ball

c. mk, blanka ball

but i cant do…

c. fp xx eletricity ball super

Is there somekinda shortcut method to do it?

do you have to negative edge it? or is better to?

maybe something like

charge back, forward, back, down+fp, forward + fp

I just have a problem combo-ing into the super.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

distance is a factor when you fo c. FP into ball super. The combo doesn’t work if you’re far away so you have to be near your opponent. Then it’s just like any other move into super. If you want to bait whiffed pokes and punish it, just use c. strong into super since you can do that one a little further back.

Yeah, get in the opponent’s face, crouch and try again. Fierce punch into super is easy for me in training mode, but I ain’t about to just walk up to guy’s face and do a fierce.

Another way to accomplish the same thing: superjump and immediately charge, j. HK, c. HP xx lvl 3.
3 hits of massive damage. The hardest part in there is getting the charge ready for that cancel. you need to press roundhouse early, not deep, yet still combo.

One last thing, I do it as such: FP, then f, b, f FP(can be negative edged to slow down the button press, mashing FP should also work)
good luck.

like the last couple peeps said: distance is the key!!!

you kind of have to be right on the top of them to connect a crouching fierce. to connect into the super i just do it hella f’n fast. like this:
down+back FP , f , b , f , HP.
I get it 99% of the time. But like shin ace says i wouldnt just walk up to someone in a real match and do it, thats some ballsy shiz. its best to do it when there dizzied in a real match.
to be flashy, what i likes to do is super-jump into jumpin fierce, into standing fierce into lvl 3 super

Jump in HK (hold back), s. HKxx super… is more easier than c.HPxxsuper.

or s.fp xx super, so you can use the negative edge to pull the super, and at the same time avoid accidentally using it with the kick and get the ground shave super instead. plus you don’t have to worry about distance, since the s.hp will cancel all the time as long as it hits.