Combo into a Triple Hyper combo

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[Arcade ]

I found out how to cancel guile lower kicks into a Triple Hyper combo. And it never seems to fail. After doing guile swing kicks just hit the two assist buttons to cancel into his sonic hurricane or flash kick. Depending on who you have with you. Me having Hulk and Juggernaut. The amount of damage is usually 90 percent of the health.

I’ve also found out I can do the same with juggernaut light punch and pressing the two assist buttons at once go into the head crush with the Gamma Crush.

I haven’t played the PS2 one so I don’t know if It would work or not.

lol wow thats really sick!!! you should make a video.

Yeah. The only way to play Marvel is to go to an arcade. And I try to go once or twice a week. I am also try to think of another character to use instead of guile to cancel into the Triple Hyper Combo to do over kill damage.

Juggernaut(Cytorak Glitch)
In the Corner: s.hpxxJuggernaut Punch(hcf+p),c.lpxxJuggernaut Head Crush. Instant Kill, sometimes.

Hmm, I thought comboing into THCs was common knowledge. another example of it is cable. Hp into THC.

jug\hulk\collosus - team strong. That team has the THC of doom and drops a full character no problem and it I think it does like 80% on sent.

Its the jug crush+ hulk orange ball shit + collosus airplane super. So much life its not even funny. Theres a way to combo it in too from either jugg\hulk maybe even collosus but i’m not sure. I don’t play that team.

mr. ed from tally FL plays that team and he juiced mixup in a TT once w\ it. Flat out raped him and THCed his ass.

i’ve been hit by that shit too and when your first characters goes, its not pretty. Mr. ed even tells you your done before you die :rofl:

I’ve seen play against top tier teams and destroy them with that shit. If your assist is on the screen, its done. He’ll sacrifice his jug for a dead AA. Then his hulk\collosus go to work.

^ I’ve actually seen that. Pretty crazy.

Juggs, BBhood, and Cyke fucking HURTS also.

bbhood, juggz, hulk 90 to 95% if mashed properly

file name: 1_ab_Gmall_Dvo_-_W_Spiraly.asf <<< there’s a nice thc in that match.

ruby heart - aaa
juggah nuts - dash
bbhood - projectile,, xx THC usually is instant kill, even without glitching juggah nuts.

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can’t u cancel any normal attack into a THC


Yeah Guile normal sweep kick. Wait till it hit two and press the two assist buttons and it should cancel into a THC.