Combo into Blanka Lv3

Hi,besides using i know u can use,s.lp into lv3 but can some one break it down for me please i keep seeing “after the lp just do f,b,f,p” No thats a lie!!:slight_smile: please clear this up for me.


Are you really a girl that plays CvS2? Where’s Glory at so he can marry you. :rofl:

P.S.(so this isn’t just another spam post)
The combo is, get close (use a f, f dash or an empty low jump), counter hit d.LK, d.LK, s.LP (hold down LP button so you don’t mess up) xx punch super.

Also, jump in HK, d.LK, s.LP xx punch super is another very common way Blanka lands his supers.

Advanced setup is, knockdown, get close to KK hop over the body, meaty d.LK, d.LK, d.LP xx super from the other side.

For second player only:
Kick throw into corner, charge down-back, HP ball to teleport behind the other guy, meaty or counter hit d.LK, d.LK, s.LP xx super.

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well what happens when you try to do that combo?

I hate comboing with ppl like blanka and vega… the timing is too different.
but I use c.lkX3 super. usually after a jump in or sumthin…

you could do… c.Hp xx special… but doesnt work on far hp =/

:sweat: :blush: Thanks Guys


if you wanna be REALLLY cool, do close s.fp, level 3 super. Or cr.fierce super. I think you should try out, cr.lp or, for the sake of ease. Honestly though I don’t think you need to learn it; it’s a good tool but not necessarily. Most of the time Blanka players punish jump ins with level 3 direct lighting.

But people know not to jump in when you are raged, and charged.

Ino uses s.jab XX Direct Lightning as his main way to get the super in.

This is of course excluding the Hop super crossup hop super and all the other crazy things he does to super you. s.jab XX Direct Lightning is very essential at high level play.

If you want to be godly with Blanka, the only way is like so:

crossup,,,,, c.lp xx lvl3 super ball

that crossup is character/situation specific, using is his actual crossup.

Clearly you do not realize I was making a joke. The crossup should be the least of your worries.