Combo into super

I thought id make a thread about a combo that i never saw anywhere mentioned before.

For those of you, who cant perform the fireball trap + iat behind opponent + j.hp + + super, or other iterations of this (with that i mean, instead of the j.hp, you use for example) consistently, i have another combo which does quite the same dmg but is much easier to perform.
It goes as follows:

fireball + iat behind + + slide cancel into super

Im currently playing on a really broken gamepad (the dpad is missing) and therefore have to use the analog stick.
I often find myself unable to perform the above mentioned “fireball trap + iat behind opponent + j.hp + b + mk + super” combo consistently, due to the speed limitation the analog stick puts upon my play. (with the dpad intact i could easily perform it)

I can however consistently perform the combo i suggested.
For those that have similar problems with their pads, or cant perform the bnb combo for other reasons, use this one.
Its not only easier to perform, its also almost same dmg and hit confirms easily.

Im a g1 Dhalsim in the Pc version (i wonder myself how i made it there with the broken pad (not only the dpad is missing, several buttons too))

Edit: Heres the input i use for the slide super cancel (in case you have problems performing it):
:qcf: :d: :lk: :df: :r: :3p:

Well, you shouldn’t have. There’s a stickied thread dedicated for combos bro and I guarantee that this particular combo doesn’t need a thread’s worth of discussion. Actually there’s nothing to discuss, it’s just a decent combo that works for you on your broken gear. But, yeah it’s a good combo if they block you j.fierce high.

Now that I’m done being a dick, good luck on the pad bro. Rock that broken pad Dhalsim.