Combo into U2



What are the most viable ways of doing this? Ever since the patch I’m having trouble with my usual setup. Any help is appreciated guys, thanks in advance.
Long live the demon.


Close standing hp XX fireball FADC cr hp XX KKK tele XX U2 is my favorite use of the ultra, the beginning acts as a nice confirm. Be sure to use KKK tele if you aren’t already, makes it sooo easy honestly.


Works pretty well. The timing seemed tedious at first, but I got it down now. Any other ways?


Hope this helps out


Just did it from cr.lp x 2, for the first time…in training mode. Lol. It’s a start though. Big ups to Nu Skoool for instilling the belief in me that this is even legit doable.


It’s a start bro…the vid Nu posted did help me understand the properties a bit more. I’ve found it to become easier the more I execute it.