Combo issues

Ive practiced Evil ryus c.M-Hado>Fadc. cl.HeavyP>MAxe>l.p>L.Tat>Shoryuken for at least 15 hours and only land the combo maybe 10% of the time in practice mode. Is this slower learning than usual. I condsider myself to be pretty good at games.

Where does the problem lie? At which part of your combo does it break or have the most trouble with?

Personally it’s after the axe kick. Cr.LP & MP frustrate me some.

Lol that’s the hardest part. You just have to memorize the timing. Use what visual and audio cues that can help you memorize the timing better.

You’ll get it. Just keep practising. There’s no trick.

Glad I’m not alone. Hope it will be worth it.

It helped me a TON to just plink mp+lp after the mk axe kick. When I’m doing it, it feels like i’m waiting a really long time but the timing isn’t impossible, just keep on practicing.

I don’t really plink too much (im still learning and i find it hard to do it yet), I think the cr-lp is 2 frame and after 2 months I was able to get it down in training mode consistently and 4 months later I’m now able to somewhat land it during battle. Like they all have said it just takes a ton of work, I even got to ask prbalrog because I was despairing at one point and he said for tight links its literally just practice.

I still have some problems with the cr.LP but through playing a whole lot it’s gotten better. I’ve found double tapping helps me get it.

Like Daigo does after Cr.Mk > light axe kick > cr.lp into big combo. He taps it twice