Combo issues

I tried seaching for the answer to this but didn’t see it.

I’m working on some of the challenges for the various moves and I’m having issues doing the combos. The first one that comes to mind is Ryu where you start off with a jumping HK, crouching HP, hadouken, focus attack. I cannot seem to get the hadouken off. Granted, I’m not great with the stick yet but I can pull off a hadouken…but when I try the move it never works. When exactly do I need to input the commands? Is there a specific moment when I need to do it? I try to fire it off in the middle of the HP’s animation, dunno if my timing is great though.

Immediately after the HP hits, you need to cancel the animation with a fireball.

Try some of the advice in the joystick/execution thread. Take the combo to training mode and try to diagnose how you’re messing up the fireball.

The moment you hit the c.HP, his arm will extend out and hit about half way through the animation. At that exact moment that it hits, do a hadouken like normal. If it helps, think of the whole c.HP xx Hadouken as one smooth motion. You really can’t go too fast either so think of going really fast as well.

hit :d: hit and hold :hp: do a :df::r: motion then release :hp:.

Hrm…that’s about the moment I do it, although maybe I’m a little fast or slow. I’m not used to the whole “cancel your moves” thing…it’s owning me.

Really? So I don’t need to hit HP twice, just hold and release? I didn’t know that.

Practice the combo in segments.

Practice the, land c.hp first

then the C.HP xx hado

then the hado xx FA

Then land c.hp xx hado

then c.hp xx hado xx FA

then the whole thing…

Since this is a combo that doesn’t require you to juggle your opponent or lift them up in any way, you could do it this way.

I never realized that either, so that means that pushing the button counts as an input, then after holding releasing counts as an input. I never heard that but I need to try that too.

You joined a year ago and you’ve never heard about negative edge? what forum are you on?

I’ll give you a tip (For SF3, as I don’t play SF4 because it’s a PoS)

Let’s analyze a simple, but really difficult combo to pull off with Akuma.

a close standing middle kick into his super. If you hit the, you have an absurd amount of time to hit confirm off of it into the super for big damage. Now, you wouldn’t think that it should be that difficult, but honestly, this combo: xx lk spin kick, land, hp dp (2 hits) xx SA1 is an easier combo to pull off than a close into the super. I THINK, it’s because it’s a link, but I could be mistaken.

Now, to do this combo WITHOUT being 100% on the timing of it, you could do this to practice and learn it…, pause, qcf, qcf +hp, release, mp, release, lp, release… Might seem like a lot of work, but you’re “piano’ing” the buttons. Since negative edge is in effect, you’ll get SIX opportunities to hit the button at the right time. Six because you get one on each press and one on each release. Now, this DOESN’T work if you release and hit at the same time. So if I release HP and hit MP at the same time, I lose a possible input.

Make sense?

Now, in SF3, there’s plenty of times that negative edge comes in hand. Activating Yun’s Genai Jin, hit confirming almost any super, doing walk up 720’s with hugo, cancelling hard-to-cancel moves into things, etc. etc.

Learning that, option selects, and basic footsies, and you’ll instantly become a better player in almost every fighter.

Alright, I did that challenge…now on the same one I’ve got to do a Shinku Hadoken…the double qcf’s are going to take me a while to learn. I still haven’t mastered the previous one so I probably just need to spend some time in training…honestly doing that with the inputs shown was a huge help in learning the limits of the stick (I just got it two days ago…still learning).

I guess you’re doing the trial where you cancel from hk? You want to input it like this:

:d::df::qcf::hk: ~slight delay~ :hp:

The hk should cancel in to super after the first hit.

Wait, so I do the motions for the Hadouken before the HK? Wow that’s confusing…

Yeah, after doing the double quarter circle forward motion there’s a set amount of time in which you can press :p: and it will register. Doing the :hk: first still gives you enough time to cancel in to super with just the press of a :p: button and is much easier to do than trying to input the :d::df::qcf: motion and :p: after hitting :hk: though within the time frame needed to cancel in to super.

In a similar vein you could do hadouken xx super by: :qcf::hp::qcf::hp:.

Alright, time to give it a try. Cancelling is a bit more in depth than they talk about in the manual 'eh?

Yeah, when I first started playing I reckon I could of shaved off a couple of months of learning execution if capcom bothered to explain everything in stead of leaving you to figure it out by yourself (or finding a site like ths where other people have already spent the time figuring it out and can explain to you).

Another piss take example that comes to mind is dhalsims trials. you have to do :mk::hcb::hp: in one of his trials… every time you hit dan with :mk: it goes red and registers, but actualy you have to press :l::mk: which is a different kind of kick - which isn’t explained anywhere. I remember I spent about 2 hours on that doing it with normal :mk: with no idea why it wasn’t working until I finally decided to youtube it and saw it was a different kind of kick needed (then found out from youtube comments from many other people with the same problem that you have to hit back when you :mk:). Capcom really pissed me off that day.

Dangit, twice I messed up and did jumping HP --> Crouching HP --> Super Hadouken…I still don’t quite get the “do the move with a kick then hit punch” thing though.

Hawkins, honestly, I thought it was kinda obvious for that trial. Just knowing Dhalsim from ST, it’s pretty apparent that you need to use the short mk.


I’ve been playing Street Fighter games for years now, and HONESTLY… 100% honest with you…

Those fancy cancelling techniques are rubbish.

I do all of my cancelling sequentially with a few exceptions for advanced things (in 3S and ST, but that’s different)

The combo you’re working on is a simple combo and you should be able to learn to cancel the attack with the super. Seriously, just learn it. You’ll get good at it and the thing that benefits the msot from that is your ability to hit confirm. If you do those fancy things, you’re going to react too quickly on the button… if you do then two qcf motions but you realize the mk was blocked, you have plenty of time to not waste a super. on the other hand… qcf, d+mk, qcf + p, you are more likely to just hit the button and waste it…

I joined a year ago for stick modding when SF4 came out, I was lerking today when I read that. I haven’t looked at the strategy forums much, but I should be because I’m terrible.

Yeah… not everyone played ST. SF4 was my first SF, and the game doesn’t mention anywhere that sim has two kinds of normal.

Once again… I wasn’t ever told he had two sets… I just instinctively knew to toy around with buttons and different directions… I think in SF4, every character has a special normal attack as such. Dhalsim has the most I’ve ever seen in a fighter.