Combo/linking/canceling timing question

Is there a reason why this happens:

(ryu) c.lp -> c.lp -> c.lp xx hadouken

When I execute the three punches quickly with even intervals and I end it with a hadouken, the hadouken does not come out.
However if I DELAY the third punch, the hadouken will come out.

This is just one example. It occurs with any cancelation into a special move when light attacks are involved.
Another example is with Cammy: -> c.lp -> xx spiral arrow

The spiral arrow will only come out if I perfectly delay the last light kick

That is how the System is.
You cannot end to a Special if you have Chained prior.
To end in a Special, you have to Link the Attack before.

So Ryu expample; you can Link all the LP and end in Hadoken.
Or you can Chain the first two LP, then Link third LP, then you can Cancel into Hadoken.

To clarify, a cancel is preformed by executing a move during another as to cancel the recovery of the first move into the second.

e.g: xx Hadouken

A link is preformed by executing a move after another has finished and while the opponent is still in hit stun. A link is usually denoted by a comma.


The combo you are attempting, cr.lp xx cr.lp, cr.lp xx Hadouken, allows you to either cancel or link the first two jabs together; however, the second and third jab must be linked in order to cancel the third into the Hadouken. This requires you to delay your input for the third jab until the animation for Ryu’s second jab finishes.
It will take some practice to get used to, but after awhile it will become second nature.

to cancel a light into a Special the light attack has to be linked from the prior move.
if not (chain canceling = Rapidfire LP or LK) the light attack loses the ability to special cancel.

if you to LP -> LP -> LP (fast) u never will be able to special cancel
if you link each LP (or at least the last one) the special will come out

How do i link? well you have to time you button press that it comes when the Attack animation of the prior move is done and the character goes into neutral state as you discovered yourself.

Thanks for the replies. Cleared things up. Ty