Combo List

List all of Remy’s combo, air-juggles, & corner traps here. After we develop a long list, we can then organize them by difficulty, from begginer to advance. I’ll start the list:

c.LP , c.LP , RRF

Whew… I’m so tired now. :wasted:
You guys do the rest!

I’ll throw a few:

j.HP, juggle with RRF

cr.MP, RRF

Antiair cr.HP, CBK(LK version), RRF (enemy in the corner or near it)

etc, etc, etc…

You can also do:

Deep J. Fierce > C. Short > RRF
Deep J. Fierce > C. Strong > RRF

And here’s two combo’s that were in the Mopreme & Kamui Link Encyclopedia vid:

UOH > C. Short xx SAII

(From Full Screen’s Length):
Short LoV (Multi dash after it) > C. Short xx SAI > C. Short xx SAI

The first one could be pretty useful but the second one is clearly combo exhibition only material. :wink:

Oh and also take note that the two combos taken from the Mopreme/Kamui vid were done on crouching opponents.

close s.HK (the 2-hit kick) , SA2
this might also work with SA1 (not sure)

on crouching alex in corner

jumping HP. st. MK, EX high LOV, walk forward, st. MK, LK CBK…

timing is tricky

here is one…

(in corner only) throw (basic jab-short, not foward jab-short) then light of justice…

and down highpunch ,short blue kick thing (dont know what its called.) then the rising kick super…

these are not damaging just for show…


Remy’s full of resets. There’s the obvious neutral throw in the corner, but I’ve hit them with a standing strong before, don’t know if it’s a timing thing or if it only works on certain characters. I think it’s similar to the ibuki throw after dash, how if you hit the buttons too early she just won’t do anything.

Anyways, the really cool one is a deep cold blue kick in the corner, they’ll lift just long enough for you to hit with a standing short or a super or something.

I’ve gotten that one to work quite a bit! I just wish I knew what the rule was for it to work. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

this is my favorite corner combo!!!:lol:

j. fp-> back s. mp-> lov-> cr. lk-> rrf (it does 5 hits)

the difficult part is to immediately buffer for the rrf right after the lov and connecting the cr. lk after the lov as well. But with lots of practice it will come natural:D

thats a good B&B combo…

u can add SA 1 or SA2 after the crouching short if u know it’ll kill them

pure flash… pure flash

early anti air crouching HP, dash under and behind, HK flash kick or SA1 or SA2…

this is done very easily after u block a HP shoryuken plus u get all the hits except one from SA1…

Remy’s #1 combo is air fierce, c. fierce, s. CBK, r. RRF.

Not even his charge partitioning combos like

air fierce, s. strong, LoV, c. short, RRF do more damage.

He has one classic LoV combo on a crouching Hugo that does significantly more damage:

Air fierce, s. strong, LoV, c. Strong, LoV, c. strong, EX loV, c. roundhouse.

Other than that, the other combos that do good are his Super art combos:


On standing opponents:

air fierce, s. fierce, SAI (add an extra SAI if in the corner) 9-16 hits

Air fierce, c. fierce, s. CBK, SAI 9-10 hits

On crouching opponents (except Chun Li, Elena, Oro, and sometimes Yun and Yang)

Air Fierce, s. forward, c. short, SAI (follow up with SAI or s./f. RRF if in the corner)

NOTE: For crouching opponents like Hugo and Q who will eat a s. fierce while crouching, replace the s. forward link with s. fierce.


On standing opponents,

Air fierce, s. fierce, SAII

On crouching opponents,

Air fierce, s. forward, c. short, SAII

NOTE: For crouching opponents like Hugo and Q who will eat a s. fierce while crouching, replace the s. forward link with s. fierce.

There are other whacky combos that concern the c. fierce and CBK that Remy can do after parrying certain attacks. I’ll post that in another thread later.

here is a combo that doesn’t require any charging.

j.HP , s.MK , s.HK (3-hits)

this is the combo to use after an air-parry.

Well…usually…that is, on standing opponents except Yun, Yang, and Oro. The only crouching character that it will connect on is Hugo…sometimes Q…maybe…

for standing Yun, Yang, or Oro, charge a little, Air fierce, s. strong, charge a little longer, c. short, r.RRF or do his classic four hit combo…or if you’re just lazy, do air fierce, c. fierce, s. Roundhouse which does more damage than his chain anyway.

On crouching Elena, do Air fierce, close s. roundhouse, s. CBK.

As for crouching Elena, Oro, Yun, Yang, Ibuki, or Chunster, do air fierce, s. forward, pause, walk forward, kara throw…or charge a little bit, Air fierce, s. forward,charge a little bit longer, c. short, r. RRF.

On all other crouching characters except Q and Hugo, do Air fierce, s. forward, s. CBK

For crouching Hugo and Q, do air fierce, s. fierce, s. CBK

These dependencies show how much Remy is not your typical combo character like Ken or Ryu.

Standing close fierce, Rising Rage Flash

easy and does good damage

Jumping deep fierce, standing close strong, EX Light of Virtue

Jumping deep forward kick, standing close jab, jab, short

a cool and easy chain combo

crouching jabX3, Rising Rage Flash

My favs are

Corner, J. Fierce, low Strong, High LoV, SA1, low Strong, SA1
Corner, Neutral throw (3 hits), SA1, Flash Kick