Combo on Q in corner

yeah yeah, this isn’t Genei-Jin related.

Anyway, check out this combo.

Jumping Jab, chain to Jumping Toward Fierce, link to Standing Close Jab, chain to Standing Short, chain to Standing Strong, cancel to EX.Twin Kicks, link to Standing Close Forward, jump cancel to Jumping (straight up) Fierce.

This is a very nice combo on Q.

Can it be done on anyone else? I’m to lazy to try (and I’m at work)…

If you have bar, and Q’s in the corner, why not just activate Genei Jin & palm the fuck out of Q?

Better combo (if you don’t have bar): jab short (slight delay) strong, rh.upkicks (only 2nd hit connects), cr.mpXXlk.upkicks.

Ok fine, SA2 Yun with out meter…

Oh yeah, I remember seeing that in a RX clip, I’ll try that.

Also, my question still stands.

isnt it lp,lk, late mp,MK upkicks?

aren’t there two st. jabs iirc.

Whoops. Yeah, it’s mk upkicks.

But there doesn’t have to be 2 jabs. You can do it with 1. It’s just harder. :stuck_out_tongue:

No one here plays Q, so I never get a chance to use that combo. :frowning: