Combo Possibilities After a Neutral Throw?

Hey folks,

Just by chance, i was curious what kind of combo possibilities you guys have developed after getting a neutral throw on some one in the corner. The only thing I’ve personally be able to achieve is either a standing or crouching MP, but other than that, the opponent resets and its pretty much mind games as usual. Even then, the success of the MP landing seems to be character specific. Again, just looking to see what other other folks have developed. Did some searches but didn’t find much in the way of doing a combo unless the neutral throw ended in a stun, which of course opens all kinds of crap. :rofl: Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

what is. your character.

Attacking on wakeup is a gamble. If you are going to do it I suggest some sort of meaty. You can’t typically combo from a throw in any game that is not a marvel series game, however, you can set up a situation with a throw, which also must be set up.

Are you a ken…?

Hes Hugo, I presume. Cuz this is the Hugo subforums.

Hugo can st.LP, cr.MP, EX Lariat, SA3, SA2.

I usually cr.lp so they recover as fast as possible.
Good job TNB

Yeah i play Hugo, that’s why I’m in this particular character section. Yeah in 3rd Strike you can combo throws and what not. Any way, thanks for your suggestions ESN, I’ll give it a try.

Again with the lack of reading comprehension and attempts to flex.

Anyway, just stick with cr.MP for the reset, and EX Lariat if you just really want that knockdown and extra hit. The damage scaling after throw is so bad SA2/SA3’s not even worth it.

i clicked a link. late at night. wasnt paying attention. no attempts to “flex” (it’s a video game).
and i dont think ive even seen you play 3s on ggpo or otherwise.

I honestly doubt doing anything in an attempt to combo off of a throw would be safe. Go for the knockdown.

Err uh the point of comboing the throw in the corner is to get a reset into a mix-up. That’s like a basic with any character in 3S with some kind of launch reset option. It’s another option beside a knockdown.