Combo puzzle challenge!

In training mode, I managed to come up with a 10 hit combo ending in full U2 that does 294 damage.

Challenge 1: What combo was used? (don’t look if you want to try figuring it out):[details=Spoiler]:d::lk:,:d::lp:, :f::lp:xx:mp:xx:hcf::lk:,FADC,:d::lk:,:qcb::mk:xxFA2,:f::f:, U2[/details]

Challenge 2: what is the least damaging combo that uses full U2?

… I can see why Desk does what he does. This is actually fun.

… Found a less damaging, and shorter, combo in the combo thread (doh!): [details=Spoiler], c.lp, c.lp, xx mk tatsu FA U2 278/295 2bars+ultra[/details]

That low-damage combo is surprisingly hard to pull off. The :d::lp:,:mk: is what, a 1 frame link?

My original idea was to post damage rating and hit count and see if people could figure out what combo was used.

I guess that wouldn’t be a popular game hereabouts?

Ok, I have a new challenge. Someone with better execution than me is required.

On Gouken, try :d::lk:, :d::lk:, :d::lp:, :lp: xx :mp: xx hado xx fadc xx :lp: xx mk tatsu xx fa2 xx u2. What’s the final damage?

ummmm 250?

what’s the hell?

What is Oni’s most damaging no-ultra/no-super/no-focus-opening combo (if you can somehow get a focus during the combo, great, but no openers).

Right now, I have jFP,bMP,dFP,qcbHK