Combo question.



This may take a minute to explain. This is for the home version.
I use an custom groove (unlimited groove points) with chain combo on and air combo on with all of the other trimmings. When I attack either by air or ground and I use a standing strong punch (elbow) I can then double tap Fierce punch and Yun will first do a palm attack (fierce punch sound) which can be followed up with a regular looking firece lunge punch. This doesnt work on the regular grooves (I think) so i assume that this is a feature of the chain combo in the extra groove options. I am new to chain combos and was wondering if there is any other information regarding this. I’ve never seen this palm type of attack but do other characters have anything similar? Also are there any other combos like this where the character does a move not normally seen sprite wise? Also this palm attack only seems to chain off of the strong punch since i can’t seem to do it after any other attack.

When in the groove edit mode there is the aforementioned air combo and chain combo features. Do any of the standard grooves use this? I’ve been playing this for a little bit and I always wondered what air combo was until i jumped in to attack and did a strong and then fierce punch attack while still in the air and then comboing further. Are these air combos ever used in the game? Any information you all could shed on the topic I would appreciate.