Combo question

I was just practicing in training mode with some basic bnb’s and I came across something that is kind of odd. I’m not sure if this has been said before or not but I thought I’d post anyway (New to SRK). I was doing c.lp --> FK and I noticed that whichever FK I did it would do the same amount of damage. Always 172, and the flash kick always did 56 damage whichever version I did.

After that I tried to see if I could replace the with a c.lp to see if it was an easier link or chain (was never good at telling the difference), it turns out that if you do, c.lp, c.lp --> heavy FK it actually does more damage than using And it actually matters which FK you do to get more damage in.

With light FK: 154 (FK did 70 dmg)
With medium FK: 168 (FK did 84 dmg)
With heavy FK: 175 (FK did 91 dmg)

Even as I’m typing I just realized using c.lp instead of does more stun as well.

Shouldn’t using c.lp do less damage and stun? I was wondering if someone had an answer for this. I know it’s not a huge deal damage or stun wise. But I’ve been using Guile ever since Vanilla and I’ve never noticed this or seen it posted anywhere.

If flash kick hits on a later active frame its damage is 80, regardless of the version used. This occurs during his bnb in certain situations. With experience you can tell when you’re going to get the weaker version of fk based on your opponents hitbox, whether they are crouching or standing, and their distance from you. I wouldn’t suggest altering your bnb because of this though.

That makes sense, thanks.

i just tried the lp instead of mp, the mp did more damage to hakan.

3 lp’s FK does 175

2 lp’s mp FK does 207

im confused.

oooh i just read what buddy said, i see, hakans hit boxes prob just don’t do the strong FK.