Combo Question

I just started playing vergil and am liking his style but one of his bnb combos is giving me trouble.

I believe its the mission 10 combo where, after you do rising sun, you are supposed to trick down. Everytime I do it, I teleport to the ground. I know it says to sj after but it doesnt seem like i have enough time. Am I doing something wrong or do I just need the timing spot on?

And also, I am running a team of wolverine/vergil/akuma and was wondering what everyones input is on my character selection. Thanks!

You just got to sj in time. As soon as he teleports out of top screen just hit that sj.

I Cannot for the life of me pull that lil combo off.

Is there any other tips on super jumping after the teleport cux I can’t see the teleport either. It seems like a crucial thing to have down to continue a lot of his other combos.

press H when you the second hit of rising sun connects

super jump forward asap and hit M asap after that. if it didn’t work you did it too slow.

Honestly, whether or it’s crucial to continue his combos is debatable. Depending on your team composition, or preference, getting over certain execution barriers provides diminishing returns.
But as far as your particular issue, I would practice chunking the combo in order to learn it properly.
Start with:
(1) Rising Sun to Trick Down. Learn the timing without hitting an opponent.
(2) Rising Sun to Trick Down to Super Jump. Again, do it without hitting an opponent. The reason for this is because you need to train your body to remember the timing for the recovery of Trick Down. It’s difficult to do that when you leave the screen at the bottom during a combo.
(3) Super Jump to air MHS. Not quite as easy as a naked air MHS since your opponent will be lower than he would be had you simply launched him with standing S.

Then after that it’s a matter of doing F+H to Trick M.

If your problem is that your opponent recovers before you get to super jump up, then you’re just not doing the super jump fast enough.
Hope that helps.

Press H to trick down as soon as the second hit of Rising Sun connects, and then as soon as youre on the ground Super Jump. Its very tricky at first but after a while it becomes second nature.