Combo Question?

Im not new to ST but I’am new to how serious and deep the game is I mainly just played ST pretty casually but after playing online Ive been inspired to raise my level of play on the game.

But anyway heres the question.

Sometimes when Im doing combos I think certain hits should be counted in the combo but its not, so what im trying to figure is how does the game decide how your combo hits are counted.

Am I not doing them fast enough or is there certain pattern of attacks that count in combos for a certain character.

Im not trying to do anything like those combo videos just like a 5 hit or 6 hit IMO usually winds being counted as a 2 or 3 hit combo.

Could some experienced players shed some light on this for me thanks in advance.

This game has been around forever. Just read up on your character and what combos they have.

Are the hits registering? If they’re registering, then either you’re not pushing the buttons fast enough (ie, linking two standing normals together) or it it’s just impossible for all the hits to be linked/canceled without giving the opponent a chance to block/counter.

The timing for the combos can be pretty precise.

The input timing requirements are just very strict.

Keep practicing.


If a jump in/cross up isn’t counted, time it so it hits deeper…

If a special isn’t counted from a normal, try canceling faster. Concider the combo might not be possible to begin with…

If links aren’t comboing, try timing it faster, again concider that the combo might not be possible…

This is all really simple to figure out really…

Actually i’m in HDR training mode right now and i have Ken set to Auto Block. With Chun Li, i’m doing c.MK, c.HK and sometimes Ken isn’t blocking the c.HK but it’s not registering as a combo either.

What’s up with that?

That “combo counter bug” also applies for chun li ,,sweep.It says 2 hit combo when it;s actually 3.

Generally you gotta hit those buttons faster. I used to time my hits so that I’d push the next button as the previous hit connected. Totally wrong. Mash as fast as you can, especially with cancelling.

Depends on the combo. Links are relatively slow compared to cancels.

I guess the number of frames between two moves that decide whether it combos or not is less than the amount of frames it takes from going to hit stun to blocking (thanks to the animation and hitstun).

Is it just an auto block bug? What about doing it to a human controlled character blocking at the right time?

Just clutching at straws though.

The exact same bug happens when you do cr Short, cr Roundhouse with Ryu, Ken or Akuma. The training dummy does not block the hits on auto block, but it doesn’t register as a 2 hit combo either. I mentioned this in the histsun/blockstun thread.

If a combo can be blocked, by the auto block training dummy or a human opponent, then it’s not a combo. I think the game considers a combo to be 2 or more hits that connect before the opponent’s hitstun ends, it has nothing to do with the animation.

Bottom line…if the series of attacks doesn’t keep the opponent in hit stun, it’s not a combo. For more information, read my signature. :slight_smile: