Combo reset glitch... Into the future! (Now with videos!)



So I know I’m new to posting on SRK and I literally signed up just to figure this out/ allow the FGC to enjoy this under appreciated character to its fullest. I have searched the Ammy forums for anything like this but I have found none so I apologize if this is a repost from some obscure topic from ultimate’s early release days. I will upload videos but at current they would be jankey phone videos and if necessary to explain the timing better I will do that, but I would rather have hd streams from my tv.

So more or less I am under the impression that Capcom has decided to let this game marinate and stop the constant updates forever. That being said I have known of these few glitches since the conception of ultimate (one snuck through from vanilla, also undiscovered to my knowledge)

I will state now that none of these are hand-outs. The wild amounts of added damage opportunities and combo steeziness are met with the downside of being both blockable and tac stuffable. However once both these tools are mastered and combined with all her other post bnb options (mainly her 236h air throw reset as well as switching up at what point in the combo you go for the tac) the ambiguity of what comes next will almost guarantee a hit-confirm every time as long as you mix it up a bit.

Glitch #1 "The V(anilla survivor)-loop"
More or less this first glitch (snuck through vanilla changes) is an evolved version of the glive “to the ground” tac glitch. When you run your normal launch bnb after your third disc hit, heavy sword swipe, or air rosary whip if you time it properly you can do an exchange without changing characters like the vanilla glive glitch. All it takes is a small pause of time between the h and the tac. What works best for me is using the disc, s.b.b.c.c.c.a.s, hitting the light and not connecting normally gives enough time to distance yourself far enough to get the tac bonus bounce without changing characters. Left/right give an untechable wall bounce, down gives an untechable double jump height ground bounce, and up gives a teachable airial launch (only real good purpose ive found so far for it is an unscaled okami shuffle follow up). As stated in the title once you achieve this unchanging tac it resets the combo counter, damage scaling and it leaves the opponent in an untechable fall state, open to whatever new combo you have dreamed up.


  • ToD combo around 1.05mil (best I have recieved ending with okami, with the lvl 3 it undoubtily bodies non-kfc thor) with some fancy stance changes and optimized damage. Example the disc bnb ends and as opposed to light head charge throw reset you do this glitch and your back at combo 0 with the opponent untechable therefor two bnbs stacked ending in okami will whoop to around 950kish.
  • a viable way to bring veil of mist into a combo solo with no assist of dhc needed. If you use the ground bounce then instant air vail you have enough time to stance change into glive, launch, 2x charged h, launch 2x charged h, launch then if your a g you can just tac no change them again and bam the third combo reset in one chain!
  • with this trick you can solo initiate the vail of maya multi-hardtag combo ( something I have been feverishly trying to figure out how to do since the day I watched the video). I run Ama-shukuma, that being said there were never assists possible to get me to connect a vail mid-chain into that combo so I’m beyond happy I can just run it on people all the time because tho the damage isnt great it’s just too mahvel for its own good.

Curious how this glitch is able to happen? Well if your an og dog whisper such as myself you noticed right away that they fixed the overshooting of the disc bnb on smaller characters. To do this they extended the hitboxes (therefor the hurtboxes as well) around amaterasu when using an aerial attacks to keep you from blindly rocketing over the other character. This glitch was able to be done in vanilla however it only worked on ummm Magnus Haggar and Dorm if I remember correctly and at that the timing was ridiculous, so the larger aerial hitboxes give alot more room for match viability this time around. You are now given more time to wiff an attack then still be in range for the tac, glitches ensue! BOOM

Glitch #2 "Power-tagging"
This works 100% of the time and is hella reliable, but it does share the former’s downsides. I am surprised that nobody has figured this out because it’s so basic that it’s almost unreal that they would let this slide. Theoretically this is the same type of glitch as the V-loop but it is achieved through a different course of action and the end result is instead of a combo-counter resetting no-chance tac, it gives you the tac and starts your incoming character with the reset combo-counter. Guess what you have to do, guess, guess… figure it out yet? Aerial stance change before the tac!!! Disc example, s.b.b.c.c.c.22b.s, that’s it! The stance change gives the combo enough time to wiff without allowing an air tech to occur. Food for thought I have also archived this type of trick with firebrand’s h air fireball when he was my bridge (preshuma) at the end of an aerial chain however the timing is way way more strict, too strict to be reliable but just let it be known that this can be emulated by other characters.


  • Everything possible. You can ToD any character with any setup. You are given any two bnbs to stack and earlier when explaining the v-loop Ammy+Ammy does moderate damage with two stacked, but Ammy+spencer, Ammy+doom, etc etc… plus the meter gained usually is 2-3.5 by the end of the chain so you have so much extra to piss away you’ll be dropping hammers like a d2 paladin all day errday.

A good example of an easy tod with my current loadout “Ms Ammy Shu-kuma” is as follows b.c.c.c.c.c.s.b.b.c.c.c.236c.b.c.c.s.b.b.c.c.c.22b.2s(in comes the infinite chaos) 236c.b.s.b.b.c.s.(2)8h.236pp.s.b.s.(2)8.c
I’m writing this at work, but if my memory serves me right I think it does 1.25 weak mashed hyper. Honestly ATM all I remember is it took out thor with one hit confirm and that’s all you will really need. It isn’t exactly meter positive but by the end of the chain you will always have at least 3meter to drop the hammer, with a different character and a more extended 2nd stack bnb you will most def gain enough to be positive by the end.

So to any of you old school iggy lovers out there who aren’t scared to get your paws a lil bloody, I hope this has been as informative as it is useful to your current Amaterasu game because I really feel like they both are beyond abusable. With proper resonance between other like minded scrappy scrappers it could give this goddess a little love since her tier decline after ultimate.

Tell me what you think, this is my first contribution to the FGC and if it is well received I will start giving up other little tricks and glitches here and there that I’ve keep under my hat for all this time. I wasn’t being selfish haha I just didn’t want it to get patched so I waited until the patching was done (duh)

XBLA: “ForcedIntimacy”. I run Ammy/Shuma/akuma, Ammy/firebrand/viper, and Ammy/Hesin-ko/zero. If anybody wants to spar or get an ingame tut just send me a pm. I play… a lot… hahahaha

Have a good one folks!


are you sure they can’t just block the TAC?


Oh sorry must have missed it.



Thanks for catching that for me RawStewage! Give it a try tonight and tell me if you can smell what I’m cooking here because I promise it’ll change your meta forever. I am around 6 months deep sitting on this tech and it’s like second nature to me at this point. It is a relief to finally get the opportunity to share this little gem with the FGC! I was just too scared during the patch-patch-patch days that if i made this knowledge widely spread capcom would pick up on its crazy usefulness and nerf this poor lady’s strongest option to date.


Hey thanks for the info SPHC. It’s alittle much to take in. I need to try this in training mode. It’s kinda hard for me to understand the notation. Think you can do it in L,M,H format? Also do you think if there’s some way you or anyone else could record this tech possibly w/ some word explanation and slow down during the vid to pinpoint exact points where this new tech happens lol.
Also do you think this would benefit my team SPHC? I play Zero, Ammy, Phoenix.


Ok so I’m trying this out in training mode w/ disk mode and I think I get what your talking about. So I have a question. The only way to avoid this reset is to either A. Guess right on the TAC or
B. Just block and don’t press any buttons right?


Ask and you shall receive my friend. To begin I feel this would be a great benefit for your team. The meter you save as well as battery you gain from the pure meterless smackdown Ammy and Zero can deliver will have you ready to tagforce dp in only a few short moments. That and I am pretty sure (given he can do everything in the game) if I fuskuks with zero I will probably find a lot of options for him to powertag as well. I warn you these are terrible quality cellphone videos, but I’ve recorded a few examples of some jams for your AZP team real quick when I got home from work and hopefully they will help explain better. Enjoy!

First off the V-Loop:



Experiment and have fun with it. Like i stated earlier it is real fun to do an instant air Vail of Mist after a bounce because you can start a brand new combo with the slowed reaction time. Super fun and unexploited

Now for a few combos I whipped up real quick with AZP (since it is what you said you ran). Just a few bnbs stacked on top of other bnbs but great lab results regardless and hopefully it’ll give you some ideas…

High HP 1meter ToD:


(swordstance) M.H.dH.qcfL.M.S.j.M.M.qcfH.(H).fowarddash.fH.fH.fH.fH.S.j.M.L.dS(Zero) overdrive I think) .j.qcfH.S.j.M.M.H.S.qcf2xP.LMHSLMHSLMHSLMHSLMHSLMHSLMHSLMHS…

This is a good example of one simple bnb stacked on another to create an easy tod with tons of damage for high Hp opponents. General speaking you do the shuck’n’glive and right after the first air medium you whiff the combo with a light then proceed with the TAC. This is of course built on V-Loop theory but when powertagging you get the ability to have your next character to come in with a free combo as opposed to an all Ammy juggle. If they block this you will still have the time air throw reset or airdash forward against the corner qcfH to get them with the overhead cross-up.

Low-Mid HP Meterless ToD:



Again, really simple maneuvers here. This is why I was overplaying the importance of this glitch because it makes two relatively meager combos by two light hitters combine to do some serious damage. Just remember to let the combo wiff on the air stance change and your good to go. Oh and this little number gains 2.5 meters start to finish so when facing healthier opponents just unleash aw’hell after Phoenix juggles the otg hit and you’ll most definately find yourself in the enzone with dat ball nah meen nah meen

High HP Meterless ToD:



Now we are really putting all the pieces of the puzzle together! With not one, but two combo-breakers, this one is a little more for the swagger than the practicality because it is totally unnessecary to do a meterless combo when the combo itself build 2.5meters (without the v-loop). Taking Wesker out with steeze and simplicity, I just felt it served as a good example for the style, originality, and raw tagteam power you can get when you combine both the v-loop tech and the powertagging option. I don’t fkusks with the Phoenix so I apologize for the lack of combo content including her in these videos, but if your running any type of (X)(Y)P I would only imagine your point and bridge are kind of a solo team in themselves to protect and gather meter for the dp.

As for your question, defending stops them everytime but there are several ways to get around that. For the most part with powertagging everyone is spamming TACblock button when they see the stance change because they think it’s the TAC flash, and as for the V-Loop once you get comfortable doing it on multiple characters you start to see the lienancy you get in distance before the wiffed bounce. Giving the opponent time to react with any countermeasure (aka. not blocking) and when you see them move BAMMM send them into the wall with dat dog telepathy. When it comes down to it mostly it is just mind games, but the margin for error is so wide because of all the options I rarely fail when executing this stuff in online.

Well I hope this clears the air up a little better for everyone and If you need more detailed information check the OP above. If you have any suggestions, more questions, find any mistakes, or want me to try to figure out some snazz for your Ammy team just let me know in a future post.



Oh i see now. I had a similar setup in vanilla but I didn’t like it too much because it was too easy to block and pushblock further mix-ups. Still interesting though as a TAC punish reset. Though a TAC punish is usually better when they can’t TAC guess out of it.


Well that’s why you’ve got to be unpredictable!


Cool. Watching the vids right now. And I guess this could be extremely beneficial for me since most people will mash on down exchange so that I don’t get meter. This is some tech that I want to use for CEO in 2 weeks so I need to actually use this in actual matches w/ some buddies over here so that I can implement it into my gameplay :slight_smile:


Yeah man i wish I had a PS3 because I would suggest some spars so i could help better unfortunately im all box. Just keep me posted with questions and I’ll do my best to explain better or if possible belt out a few more cameraphone videos haha. Its sweet your getting to go to CEO, I live in the middle of Pennsylvania and outside of a few college kids that meet up bi-weekly we have absolutely no scene out here. Tournament play is like a dream to me, Good Luck!


What keeps people from just blocking all this, exactly? Like, this… I don’t understand why this would be any good at all.


Third paragraph, op.
explains clearly

instead of being a dick how about you read. I’m only trying to help out the amaterasu community jeez


<Adelheid> Don
<TheDon323> yes heidi?
<Adelheid> Combo reset glitch... Into the future! (Now with videos!) What is this.
<Adelheid> I’m not at my setup but like
<severin> I saw that thread as well
<Adelheid> At least the gimlet bug, I can see why people would think that existed
<Adelheid> This is like what, like, someone tell me
<severin> Is he expecting people to mash as soon as the TAC animation happens?
<TheDon323> this thread, y u link me this heidi? :confused:
<severin> “For the most part with powertagging everyone is spamming TACblock button when they see the stance change because they think it’s the TAC flash”
<severin> smh
<TheDon323> the first paragraph was enough
<Adelheid> Like
<Adelheid> Thanks guys. I needed to confirm that I wasn’t just crazy
<TheDon323> “works 100% of the time heh…”
<TheDon323> if only marvel had training mode block?
<TheDon323> lol
<Adelheid> Yeah, what!
<TheDon323> I’m just as curious as you
<TheDon323> how is it 100%
<TheDon323> lol
<Adelheid> Like, it can’t be. I know what’s happening here now I’m pretty sure
<Adelheid> and like, “powertagging,” that’d lose every time to not continuing to mash S after you flip out
<Adelheid> sev
<Adelheid> Am I wrong?
<severin> Of course not.

So uh, I don’t mean to be rude but this I am pretty sure this is really, really not a thing.


Well you know what I use it every match and I get it everytime, it helps me a good bit given I run a low damage team. Different strategy is fun and regardless of its usefulness in your opinion but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a tool that she def. has that has never been explored before. I’m sorry for trying something new, but last time I checked this forum was getting pretty dry.

thanks for the catalog, I get the point that Im an idiot.
Only trying to help here…


You’re not an idiot, I don’t mean to imply anything like that. t’s just that, like you said, you don’t have real competition. People fall for it because they are not at a high level. But, I mean… There’s much better strategies.


I never said this was a the best strategy, it is a cool glitch and even on block you can still maneuver yourself into a throw reset easily. You haven’t tried it in a match so you don’t even know how useful/useless it is either. I really like amaterasu and strive to know the character completely, knowledge is power. I’m leaving this thread up for anybody who is open to trying something and if your going to continue to be negative just stop posting because its rude


I was watching the videos and thought the same thing. “What’s stopping a person from simply blocking it?”

…I mean, it is a reset. Some people do mash TAC when they see you going for it. This won’t work more than a few times though.

I will give you that it’s something to implement occasionally when you have someone like Doom, Frank, Trish, or another character with a formidable TAC combo. However, someone has to actually fear the outcome of a successful TAC in order for this to work. The biggest issue with this reset is that you’re flung to the other side of the screen after a successful TAC counter, effectively negating all your pressure. Regular resets don’t have this disadvantage.

lol u


Calm down. No one is calling you an idiot dude. However, if there are flaws in the tech, it’s up to the community to point them out and make sure people aren’t misguided. All we’re doing is pointing out those flaws so you and others can see if there’s a way to improve upon it.

If it works for you, more power to you. However, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t work on a person who’s aware of the situation.


This is not a thing. You have failed.