Combo Story

I’ll start (because I wanna know what should come after this): :f:+:mk: (blocked)…

You fill in the next move.


Then, :f:+:lp:xx:mp: (hit)

not sure how this works but ummm

-> cr.lp xx

thats a blocking crouch teq, i think lol

edit: im assuming the xx’s mean that u press the 2 buttons at the same time.

no, it’s a cancel; :f::lp: xx :mp: is target combo 1.

Ok, this seems a good advance / poke / frametrap: :f:+:mk:, :d:+:lp:, :hk: (plink with :mk:).

I agree with the frame trap part. I like keeping just the right distance with SFMK. If you get too close, it’s easy to counter. Apparently, it’s a good move on knockdown to use to cross up. I would imagine it would be like Makatos SFHK(hold).