Combo & Strat video "Memories of 2005"


I’ve made a cvs2 combo + strategy video for cvs2. It contains ideas and other tidbits I’ve kept in my book while playing the game.

The server I’m using won’t let me upload the whole file, so I had to split it into several RARs. Then the server renames the file to whatever it wants to call it, so YOU HAVE TO RENAME EACH FILE AS I TELL YOU. After renaming the files, just unRAR like usual.

rename this to "laugh.part1.rar"
rename this to "laugh.part2.rar"
rename this to “laugh.part3.rar”

I’ve had themes for certain sections of the video. Like, I only used Chun’s legs in her CC, and I didn’t touch Guile with a single limb of Blanka in his CC.



the part where you do CC, slide on a bunch of characters (and don’t finish the custom)… are those the characters that the crossup CC doesn’t work on? i can’t read korean


That was some cool stuff. I always loved sweeping Yamazaki out of his snake arm. The gigaton blow stuff was pretty cool too. OH and that akuma crossup! nice.


Good work:tup:


haha good shit.


clean editing, amusing vid, catchy song ftw. with the exception of the intro i dunno why its called ‘memories of 2005’


best cvs2 combos i’ve seen in a long time. good shit

whats the korean text say? and whats up with the activate > slides?


The text after the slide cross up CC on Vega says “Nothing extraordinary about the CC, but…” then the text after activate - slides on Benimaru, Yama, Iori, and Terry says “because of these fuckers I lost so many games I shouldn’t have.” I was showing that those 4 won’t get crossed up by Bison’s slide so that all the A Bisons out there can take note.

In the Akuma section, when I went for the cross up (the first one) I did the small jump a little too early. If you do the small jump just a little bit later it’s hella hard to see which side he’s going to end up on. I got lazy and didn’t include a pattern that involves raging demons, but what you can do is either the overhead kara cancel demons, or you could do small jump - really late jabx2 while falling from the small jump - land - finish the raging demon command. The second method is better because a lot of times (if you do it right) I don’t even know which side I’m going to end up on, so doing 2 jabs first and then quickly seeing where I am and finishing the command within a reasonable time frame will give you the demons at a higher success rate.


nice vid! thanks.


great thanks.!


Cant download it :frowning:


Just uploaded it to youtube:

Check out the 2006 follow up too:


Wow, bring it back from the grave.


I hope you don’t mind.