Combo Stun Competition

I would like to start a competition between shoryuken users, and collect the most stun damaging combos Dhalsim can perform.

The higher damage you collect, the higher position you’ll get in the final standing.

Few rules to do a stun combo:

  • it must be one single combo, you cannot split it because damage reduction will be reset.
  • you can use until 4 ex bars, and only 1 ultra.
  • you can use all levels of focus attack.
  • it doesn’t care if it only works in the corner, or against some specific chars or if they’re crouched etc…
  • use Zangief’s stamina as reference. Only if your combo is equal or more that 1200 you can continue to hit opponent. In that case your stun combo will be 1200 but…
  • if two or more stun combos have the same value, the number of hits will declare the best.
  • test your combo in training mode!
  • if combo is extremely complicated and it’s 500+, you MUST record and post the video link here.
  • write the combo with this format:

(damage) [# hits] moves

Good luck!

(470) [3 hits], cb.hp,

That actually counts as combo?

try it in training mode if you don’t believe it works.
I’ll post some video for complicated combos, not this one that’s preatty easy.

(520) [5 hits] exfireball full screen, 3p iat,, cb.hp,

fireball iat j.hp ultra to super

this combo should win

i dont wonna bother recording

ultra and super dont do stun damage

edit, o u wer jokin =x?

and am i winning this ;o

(575) [ 7 hits ] iat, (land) b.hp 1 hit, ex-fireball, fac ( opponent crumbles ) dash forward, cb. hp, cb. hk.
sry i dont have anything to record with but this combo works.

yes, it works…of course you mean instead of Remember that has the highest air stun damage. Your combo is practically the same I’ve just recorded 5 days ago, but mine has better value :wgrin:

(605) [9 hits] ex-fireball, IAT,, b.hp xx ex-fireball, FA lv.2, forward dash, db.hp,


All 4 bars used.

But here’s my best:

(610) [10 hits] ultra, IAT,,, (ultra starts to hit),,,


I choose “” as 9th hit because is too short and will whiff.

if some one adds a new combo dont forget to add the ex fireball on the front

LOL at that 610 stun combo looks funny

any tips for db.hp, ? or only work on certain character?

it should work against all chars. Try in training mode. Remember that you’ve to be really close to your opponent and db+hp has a slow startup…

I can’t test it right now, but can’t you trade the final part of the combo?
Instead of db.HP, b.HK, you coul try db.HP, db.HP, lk slide for a bit more stun maybe

So it would be 10 hit like
ex-fireball, IAT,, b.hp xx ex-fireball, FA lv.2, forward dash, db.hp, db.hp, lk slide

Or even this (being 100% theory I never tested it) also a 10-hit combo

regular firebal, IAT, j,hk, b.hp xx ex-fireball, FA lv2, foward dash, b.hp xx ex-fireball,

db.hp = 150 stun
b+hk = 200 stun
lk slide = 50 stun


db.hp, db,hp, lk slide = 350 stun
db+hp, b+hk = 350 stun

but the second combo has less damage scaling (less hits)