Combo Suggestions and Frame Questions



Greetings to all.

Want to share some ideas for combos and ex-gauge usage. I can’t test these myself due to a 360 RROD back in August so I’m asking for help with testing, if anybody has the spare time. Also, please forgive me if these suggestions have been given in previous thread posts.

  1. Focus cancel after a standing rk into another link. Never got a chance to test it and not sure if it would work, but it could provide increased damage opportunities.

  2. cr. fk -> st. sk -> cr. sp xx lcrf

  3. AA Cosmic Heel -> FA -> Cosmic Heel -> any attack

  4. cr. fk -> st. sk -> cr. jp -> st. rk

  5. lvl 2/3 FA -> cl. fp -> st. rk

  6. cl. fp -> st. sk -> st. rk/ cr. sp

  7. AA option: backdash -> st. fp

  8. Jump In option: sp/fk -> st. sk/cr. sp/ cr. fk/ st. rk

Just some ideas. Some of them seem a little far-fetched, though. Of course, all comments or assistance is appreciated and I hope I can help somebody learn a little more about Vega.

  1. Doesn’t work. If your ST. RH hits, you can’t link after a focus cancel, even if it’s a counter hit; what you can do is c. jab at EXACTLY the right time, and it will beat out any 3 frame move an opponent is doing.

  2. First hit of RCF won’t combo.

  3. Wouldn’t work.

  4. Works. I love that one, it’s pretty badass. Might not work on people who are smaller though.

  5. Works on certain characters who are bigger. I made a list of exactly whom. Sasaki has more info in this post about close fierce EX FBA set ups if you’re interested.

  6. Definitely wouldn’t work. The roundhouse, that is. c. sp works as everyone knows from the trial combos.

  7. Might as well use roundhouse. Fierce is too slow, this depends a lot on spacing and chances are you’ll probably still get beat. Vega’s fierce isn’t like Guile’s in this regard.

  8. I don’t understand. You can do any of those things after a jump in, but they’ll never chain in that order. A standing light kick after a jump in is also space dependant: too close and you’ll do close light kick, which is a horrible move, but far enough out and you’ll do your far light kick which is where links occur.

Combos I think Vega players should work on are EX FBA confirms out of cancelled rolling crystal flashes, any version. Particularly ones that don’t involve jumping in as in that case the EX FBA gets scaled to shit. Throwing out a ‘naked’ jab RCF poke once in a while and having it connect into a damaging combo is pretty beneficial. You could combo into either EX FBA or ST.


Thanks for the testing.

For 8, I meant a jump-in sp or jump-in fk for the link. Only links I’m pretty sure about there are cr. jp and st. rk, although it would be really nice if you could land a cr. fk.

A shame about st. rk not linking after a focus cancel, though. Possibilities would have been endless with that one. :lame:

I’ll post a few more tomorrow.


Cancelling your st. RK is a perfect set up for a throw. Again, time it perfectly, and any 3 frame jab an opponent tries to do will get them grabbed. Try practicing it. (I should clarify that when I say this I mean on hit, not on block)

Also, a counter hit close fierce can be focused cancelled into 4 frame moves. Only problem with this is close fierce is way too slow and situational for you to ever get a counter hit with it. And why waste 2 meter to cancel when you can wait, have an easy link into c. st and EX FBA?


Trade out st. rk for cr. fp where rk may whiff on smaller characters or due to distance.


Your notation is really confusing, man. Fierce Kick? Roundhouse Kick?
I don’t understand.


Just in case anyone missed it:

Whenever I have a question about FA cancels, and what type of frame advantage/disadvantage I have after a FADC, I consult the frame data.

In order to verify what your advantage/disadvantage is after a FADC, check the total hitstun of whichever move you’re canceling (there’s also info in there to help determine which moves you can actually cancel). So, you take the total hitstun, subtract by 3 + however many frames your character’s dash is. In this case, Vega’s is 20. So, you basically take away 23 frames from whatever the total histun is, and whatever you have left is your frame advantage/disadvantage. For example:

RCF has 27 frames of hitstun on the last hit. If you FADC that, it would be:

20 + 3 = 23
27 - 23 = 4 frames

So, you have 4 frames to do something if you FADC the last hit of RCF. This explains why Vega is able to land a lp/mp/hk after FADCing the last hit of RCF. Hope this helps. :bgrin:


jp = jab punch
sp = strong punch
fp = fierce punch

sk = short kick
fk = forward kick
rk = roundhouse kick

Nice info, Bebop. I was actually trying to figure out how to calculate frame advantage using hit stun but never really understood it.


Is it possible to cancel st. rk (after first hit) into a sp crf that connects?


I’ve landed a after lp rcf without FADC or was i seeing things?

If possible is this viable? It doesnt seem like it since i havent be able to do it again.


What is the 3 frames for? the EX cancel?


From the wiki:
*On the other hand, when you are FADC off a normal or special move, the game engine will ADD 3 frames of recovery to the dash (ie you recover slower) credit: yeb. *


Alright, got my 360 back from MS sooner than expected (very lucky break).
Started looking at ideas and noticed that if you trade an ex-barcelona with some attack, you can follow up with another move (I usually trip for the momentum advantage).

I’m looking for ways to purposely trade on an ex-barcelona to follow up, since the initial hit launches them really high. Want to try hitting them with a Cosmic Heel -> ST or S ST -> RH ST or Ultra (iffy).

Also, started trying some barcelona setups/traps on wake up and in the middle of block strings (occasionally), usually aiming for the reversal attempt as opposed to the initial target. Overall success atm (testing it against some pretty good players). Also trying a jump-in tactic using jumping strong -> crouching forward -> crouching strong from a distance that either hits or puts me back into my optimal range. And I can normally avoid anti-air attacks due to the distance from the target (just do an empty jump-in and punish upon landing).

Just ideas.