Combo Sweep


Ibuki - Gen - Chun Li - Yun - Yang

Try c.lp, c.lp, c.lp, s.lp, on Gen. You can get the s.lp to hit on it’s second active frame and then you can combo sweep.

Is there a specific timing to land this? I can readily land Akuma’s LP to sweep combo, but couldn’t do this to Gen or Chun-Li.

Yea, there is. It’s not a normal combo. It can work on gen because you can get the s.lp to hit on it’s last active frame. It’s the third active frame(thought it only had two when I posted last night). When it hits on it’s third active frame, you’re actually at +7 instead of +5 and you can link sweep. It’s not a practical combo, though. Need to start from a very specific range. Best way to explain it might be the max range all four jabs will land. When you get it right, you’ll see the last jab hit kind of goofy.

After a few frustrating attempts (up close), I also tried with max distance with just s.LP, c.HK. Sounds like the spacing from the combo is more important.

Shame, E. Ryu’s sweep doesn’t combo like the other shotos.

Ryu and Akuma are the only characters that can combo into sweep from st.LP <_<

I assume you mean only shotos, not only characters.

whoops. Yeah I meant shotos. I believe Ryu is the only character that can hit confirm combo into sweep on crouching opponents

Frame data says that, but they all can in certain situations. Like the combos in the video that used to be in the OP.

Ryu and Akuma are the only shotos with viable sweep options from St.LP on hit.

Not some weird setup that requires hitting on the second or third active frame. Ken has a ton of those.

Cl.hp xx mk axe kick,, s.lp, is very viable against those four characters. Either way, those kinds of setups are what this thread is about.


cr.LK > cr.LK > cr.LP > fs.LP > cr.HK I use this with Ken and it looks like it works with Evil Ryu.

with Meter
cr.HP > M Axe Kick > cr.MP > Fireball > FADC > cr.LK > cr.Lk > cr.LP > cr.LP > fs. LP > cr.HK

Vs. Ryu midscreen

cl.hp xx mk axe kick, xx fireball xx fadc, s.lp,

Against Cammy

cr. MP > cr. LK > st. LP > cr. HK

You have to be very close, but not as close as possible. Other than that, it’s not really worth it unless you want to show off a new combo because you can already tatsu > sweep Cammy normally.

Someone posted this on the other thread

So that means he can meterless combo into sweep on 18/39 characters? Because all of these were not listed before