Combo system conundrum


I’m a bit confused about some of the rules of the combo system in this game, and I’m wondering if anyone knows or can figure this out.

First of all, this is my team: X-23 (alpha), Dante (gamma), Wesker (beta)

Let’s say I do the following combo on Captain America:

s.:l:-s.:m:-s.:h: xx :h: Mirage Feint, j.:m:-:m:-:h:, jump, j.:m:-:h:-:s: xx :l: Talon Attack, s.:m:-:h: xx :s: > super jump, j.:m:-:m:-:h: xx :l: Talon Attack, :a2:, Weapon X Prime xx Devil Trigger, s.:h: xx :s: > super jump, j.:m:-:m: > double jump, j.:m:-:h: xx Killer Bee, s.:h: xx :s: > super jump, j.:h: xx Thunderbolt x 3

X-23’s part of the combo does 561,600 damage by itself. Dante’s part of the combo does 520,400 by itself. The full combo does 1,072,000. This must mean that the post-DHC combo is not scaled.

Now, starting with Dante on point and X-23 as partner 1, let’s say I do this combo:

s.:l:-s.:m:-s.:h: xx :s: > super jump, j.:m:-:m: > double jump, j.:m:-:h:-:d::s:, j.:m:-:h: xx :l: Talon Attack, :a2:, Weapon X Prime xx Devil Trigger, s.:h: xx :s: > super jump, j.:h: xx Killer Bee

For some reason, Killer Bee doesn’t ground-bounce this time like it normally does, so I figure I might as well do the ground bounce before the DHC, like so:

s.:l:-s.:m:-s.:h: xx :s: > super jump, j.:m:-:m: > double jump, j.:m:-:h: xx Killer Bee, s.:h: xx :s: > super jump, j.:h:-:d::s:, j.:m:-:h: xx :l: Talon Attack, :a2:, Weapon X Prime xx Devil Trigger, s.:h: xx :s: > super jump, j.:m:-:m: > double jump, j.:m:-:h: xx Thunderbolt x 3

The combo up to the DHC does 630,800. The combo after the DHC does 420,400 by itself. The full combo does 1,044,300. This means that the post-DHC combo is scaled.

Here’s what I want to know:
Why couldn’t I do a ground bounce after the DHC in the second combo?
Why does damage scaling kick in after the DHC only when it follows a TAC?


Anyone have any thoughts on this?


i may be wrong but i think ur only allowed 1 ground/wall bounce in a combo.

but i have no clue y its scaled after the tac and not normally. think maybe its just another combo rule?


First rule of the combo system; don’t talk about the combo system.:cool:


I did some testing and it seems like it’s just sometimes when you DHC Weapon X Prime into Devil Trigger you do insane damage, but then sometimes you don’t. This is doing the moves without even comboing into them. Messing around with it, it seems like all your moves are scaled as if you were starting a new combo from the point you DHCed. You also need to DHC out of it right as she crosses back to her original side - if you wait too long you won’t get the damage bonus. It also works with Zero’s Sougenmu, Hsien-Ko’s Rimoukon, X-23’s Silent Kill, Phoenix’s Healing Field, and Arthur’s Golden Armor. It didn’t seem to work with Morrigan’s Astral Vision, Felicia’s Kitty’s Helper, or Amaterasu’s Mist, though. You can also DHC out of Storm’s Elemental Rage and have reset damage scaling. I couldn’t get Maximum Spider to work and Cuttin’ Time sends the opponent flying up so high I couldn’t reach him in time.

EDIT: Verified Healing Field and Golden Armor do, indeed, work.


I always timed the DHC at the very end of WXP’s animation and got these results. It seems like timing it earlier has a weird tendency to cause misinterpreted commands because of the way X-23 crosses through the opponent during the animation. I also tried doing this with Phoenix’s Healing Field, and she also got an unscaled combo from it. I haven’t tested any of those other hypers.


I wonder if weapon x prime resets damage scaling like lvl 3 combos since she doesnt have a lvl 3 that can combo (the dissapear lvl3 cant combo… can it?).

If this is true I wonder if it applies to spidermans crawler assault as well? (since it use to be a lvl3 and may not be scaled)???

I figure maybe characters that dont have lvl3s or lvl3s that cant combo may have lvl1s that reset damage scaling.


it can


X-23’s level 3 gives her an S attack that is unblockable, rather than being a throw. It doesn’t matter how you land the S as long as you do. She could chain her L straight into S and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to escape short of psychicly push blocking the L.


So, I tried out Storm’s Elemental Rage DHCed into Wesker’s Rhino Charge, then XFCed out and he had unscaled damage, as well. Same with Taskmaster’s Aegis Counter. I also managed to get Golden Armor and Healing Field to work this time. I saw this late last night, so the above testing was far from thorough.


Are we chalking this up as a glitch then? Does it work from anything besides Weapon X Prime, Cuttin’ Time, and Elemental Rage?


Hmm…if it’s a glitch, I worry that it might be a very pertinent glitch for combo damage. Unscaled damage could be big. I think suddenly people with cinematic lvl 1 supers will having something else going in their favor. When I get the chance, I’ll to test it out; I want to see if it makes a difference with Spencer or not.

How is the timing on it, though? Too hard to do consistently?


The timing doesn’t seem very tight. I can do it 100% of the time offline.


I made a [media=youtube]gCW8fYbjhqg"[/media] of a Storm/Zero combo that uses the glitch.