Combo System ?'s


For the most part I get it. It’s just like SF4: chains, links, cancels

  1. mash jab, short, etc. to get a chain
  2. time your shit right to link
  3. you can cancel into specials off of links or single normals, but not chains

Question is how does this game handle what it calls “boost combo”/magic series?

  1. I think you can cancel into specials during magic series if the particular attack you just used is normally cancelable?
  2. I’ve had some trouble doing this though, but it could just be that I’m still getting used to the timing in this game vs SF. I know #4 is true if you link into the magic series, not sure if you just go directly into it.
  3. What general rules, if any do supers (2 bar, 3 bar, pandora, etc.) follow? linked vs cancelled into?

Thanks for any help/clarification.

  1. Chains can only be cancelled into EX moves, supers, and that 2 character cross super thing I still dont know the name of. Some chains don’t even connect, for example Kazuya’s s. jab, s. strong, s. roundhouse. If a move isn’t special cancellable, it seems that you can’t cancel out of it even if it’s in a chain. An easy example being Hugo, who can only cancel out of c. jab c. strong.
  2. If a move can’t be cancelled out of it doesn’t change in the chain, whether you link into it or not. So doing s. jab, then linking into magic series won’t change the properties of the moves in the magic series.
  3. Chains scale things… a lot. Also most are ridiculously punishable. There are a few exceptions, like Hugo’s c. short, c. forward which is a good poke for him… but you’ll find very little use for a lot of chains, especially since they cost you meter to get out of. Your best bet is to find a combo without a chain where you can cancel off a normal into super/cross super. The only way I know of to get Pandora to work in a combo would be to do a wall bounce, Pandora, then combo after with your other character. It used to be 0 frames but idk if it still is.


I’m pretty sure you can special cancel out of magic series, if the last attack used (in the magic series) is under normal circumstances cancellable.

Anyways, now that I thought about it more, my real question is:

How does the game treat the magic series? Does is consider it a chain?

To answer my own question, I think it is treated as a target combo. It can be linked into and cancelled out of.
Please verify.


You can only cancel magic series into EX specials/supers/cross supers. If you want to test it yourself, pick Akuma and do s. hp xx hadouken. Then try to do s. lp s. mp s. hp xx hadouken. Doesn’t work.

The magic series is pretty much a target combo, yeah. You can link into it or you can do it raw. If you want to put it simply, it’s a chain you can link into (like Ibuki’s target combo that isn’t there anymore! :sad:).


That makes perfect sense to me, but man, I am almost certain I was doing some trails for Bison that called for xx xx st.hp xx scissor kicks.
Oh well, I’ll just have to wait 'til I get home to see what my problem is.


There are some exceptions to the “you can only cancel chains to EX”-rule. Like Lili’s Bed Time (s.lp > > chain) that can be cancelled to a regular special move on the last hit.


Yeah, most Tekken characters have target combos that can be cancelled into regular specials. Like Kazuya who has s. lp > s. mp. But that’s the result of the target combo existing, without it you wouldn’t be able to cancel into a regular special.