Combo systems in fighting games

I’ve been thinking of making this kind of topic for some time now. This topic is the discussion of combo systems in fighting games. So you can talk about what makes a good combo system, bad combo system, etc.

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CC For Life… Genei Jin!

Link combos, that’s one of the reasons I like the combo system in CvS2.

The other thing I like is the KOF combo system (post KOF98 I think) where you can cancel certain normal moves into command normals (then cancel it into special/super).
AB cancels are nice too.

I’m not really crazy about chain combos, but I find the chain combo system of GG games pretty interesting because different characters tend to have different chain combo possibilities.
RCs are nice, FRCs are even more interesting because of the timing.


Ah yes, the command normals in the KOF series. I believe those where introduced in 96. Please correct me if I’m wrong. However, that is one of the reasons why I like most of the KOF’s combo systems.

Speaking of chain combos, I never liked the timing of SFA’s chain combo system. The timing has to be exact or you can’t do it. The GG series chain combo system is very smooth. The timing is not as strick as SFA.

I do like the RC/FRC feature. Prematurely end one move and continue.

link combos FTW!

chain combos kinda freak me out, they kind of turn the game into a big combo fest and honestly i like the footsies and mind games found in cvs and sfII its all about reading your opponent and i think an element of that is lost when one mistep can be the end of your fight much like in MVC

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as much as i love project justice…

its basically footsies to land the first jab which has a ridiculous stagger length, which means even if you didnt think you would hit, you have enough time to react and still do 80% damage (hi roy + roberto)

and its not cool

That started in 97 JSYK.

The GG system combo is very depth imo, because every char has their own gatlings, not to metion how depth it makes the context of every hit and how it changes the efect of the hits depending how and when do you land it. and the rc and frc gives more possibilities on how do you do your combos

other of my fav sysmes was ki, it was really interesting and very advanced for its time

I love a juggle combo system, but for some reason I can’t stand it when I have to like double-jump to continue the combo going like in the Marvel Vs. series. I prefer a Tekken-esque system, where I get to stay on the ground while still keeping the juggle going…

Ah yes, thanks Dandy J. I couldn’t remember which KOF it was that had the command normals.

I’ll post something else later, but generally I like a combo system that allows you to be creative. When I played the 3D MK games, I was disappointed that the system was very restrictive it seemed. Now for a game like SSF2T, it is very open ended.

sums it up

i always liked kof’s normal -> cmd normal -> special/super

brings up some interestin results!


Especially when you take into account that many command normals knockdown on normal hit… though some open up juggle oppurtunities… and various other things. Then if you take into account using them without actually canceling into them it’s interesting… A good example is like andy’s downfoward+c(or is it a) I like that very interesting.

Guilty Gear actually has specific gatling timings on certain moves like alpha… like slayer 2k to 2hs 2k can only be gatlingied very late into the move. And it will only combo if you get it within a 2 frame window!

I want to think about this more and post later…

Do 3D fighters count?

Newer Tekken (5, DR, 6) juggles always seemed kind of funny to me. As in, how some characters can literally carry an opponent with jabs/elbows (Lee, Julia, Baek) to the other side of the arena (wall if there’s one) and literally be in control for a good 5-10 seconds. Juggles are ridiculous in the game, and usually result in obscene damage and advantageous positions afterwards.

DOA4, on the other hand, was basically you hit them with an attack (wake up kick or other attack) that causes a stun and proceed to mix-up/“combo” them until you either launch them into a juggle or they guess correctly and counter you during the stun. No wonder why so many people feel that this game is random; you’re forced to guess for most of the match.

Of course they count.

Yeah, I never seemed to like Tekken combo system must of the time. Most of the time it uses launchers to start a combo (not always though).

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