Combo systems in fighting games

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Games like CvS2 and 3S . . . just aren’t fun for me. But I guess I kinda like how you have to really know your character’s normals.

GG was always kinda iffy for me. It’s not really a complaint since it’s my own fault because the combos seem to be VERY specific on which command normals to use. (but then again I never got into the game seriously). I also don’t like how you have to share the RC gauge with your super gauge. (Is that still true? Hell was it EVER true?)

I really, REALLY like Arcana’s combo system since everything just comes out so simply yet so effectively and the homing cancel really makes it interesting.

A good combo system has to be balanced by the defense system.

SF has always been my favorite fighting game, but the real combos are too hard to do to be accessible to casual players. Tekken, Killer Instinct and MK had some fun combos visually, but it was just a big memorization game, if I stopped playing for a month or two, I couldn’t remember everything like I always could with SF, and the regular moves didn’t feel as good as SF.

I wanted something closer to SF on the regular moves, but more open ended on the combo side that let me be creative witht eh combos, and juggling etc…

I tried making my own fighting game with much more accessible combos (

We ran into a lot of unanticipated gameplay issues with the longer combos though.

The Further I got into play testing the more I realized why Street Fighter made their combos so hard. Combos are really fun if you are the one doing them, but it is no fun for the other player. We ended up balancing it out with an escape ability that needs to recharge, and it turned out pretty good, but the more I make games and the more I play classic Street Fighter the more I realize how genius some of their design choices were.

I just moved to a new house and found my old SNES in the process. It’s been a blast playing through Super Street Fighter II on difficult with everyone. Making my own games helps me appreciate how interesting there balancing of characters and moves worked out.

Combos are fun and flashy, but there’s something about the importance and strategy of each hit in good old SFII series that still shines.

Yea combos are fun…if you can do them. maybe its because I play with the d-pad

other than kofs system, i think links are the coolest combo system. that is 2f~3f links or easier.

CvS2 :tup:

I still dont understand how to combo in CVS2 :frowning:

2d games should have an input buffer system like vf so you can have links without them needing to be stupid hard

by “real combos” I’m talking about the crazy long technical ones with Yun like this one:


Maybe I’m just not good enough, but I tried for a few days to learn this, and it was still very difficult to do, too difficult to pull off in a real match.

Some of the little combos are very satisfying in SF like the hp cancel into fireball / uppercut with Ryu / ken / akuma it’s just annoying that the longer combos are very contrived and inconsistant forcing you to memorize very specific button sequencing for each character.

I like it when the combos are based on a consistent system across the characters, so you have more freedom and creativity.

what does vf do differently?


I like the combo engine in 2I and 3S. The engine gives each character specific attacks that put your enemy in a juggle state, its your job to find the next attack that will continue the juggle. There are limited chains (which I like). Specials and supers are easy to cancel (its your job to determine whether an EX move is a better option over a super.) The engine is -far- from perfect but I like its level of flexibility (not too strict, not too lenient).

The major downside is that characters with low combo ability are low tier.

if you input a move within like 10 frames of a neutral state it will come out at the earliest point possible

It has cancels like any other 2D-fighter, plus a good number of link combos.
That’s for the basic stuff. For A-groove CCs and C-groove lvl 2 cancels it gets a little more complex.

I was playing some SoulCalibur on DC (it’s been a while) and I tried to do some combos. After playing it for a while (this also applies to the later games), it just came to me. You can juggle your opponent in the air, but they might escape (if I remember correctly). So what is best to do (and this still applies to most other 3D fighters) is to know all of your characters moves that create decent hit stuns and do some combos on the ground.

For example, with Xianghua I did the following combo on Kilik:

:db:+:snkc:, :l:+:snka:, :r::r:+:snkc:, :snka::snka::snkb:

The :db:+:snkc:, :l:+:snka:, and :r::r:+:snkc: produce the hit stuns, and the :snka::snka::snkb: is the finish. That is just one of many possiblities. One factor in the Soul games is that you have to adjust your position to get perform your combos correctly, among other factors. Just like I said before, this is flexable and not too restrictive.

This man is right. :tup:

I thought my ideal fighter would have a two frame reversal window, like CvS2, but would let you do reversals out of hit stun and the recovery of your moves. Wakeup would say Reversal, off of block would be Counter, out of hit stun would be Recovery, and off the recovery of a move would be Link. But then I thought “Why two frames? Why not five?” Of course, in some cases, there will be fewer than five frames where you do not have control, but then the window would be all of them. Kind of odd that I support this, and yet play Guilty Gear. FRCS are HARD. But then, limiting the window actually has gameplay changes, because doing it a frame earlier or later could have different effects, whereas a buffer system just compensates for human imprecision.

Yea, but the thing about DOA4 though is in stun holds deal less damage like the average Hi Counter Hold damage is 82 pts but in stun its 66 but thats on Hi Counter. While the average throw damage in the game is like 92 on hi counter and the most common place for someone to hold is in stun since that and struggling is the only way to escape but if you put someone in a deep stun (Jab them or hit them with a mid that deals a very deep stun) then they are forced to hold and now you have 3 different ways to launch them that they have to guess out of so they have like a 25% chance of guessing right since you can throw or use one of 3 launchers and your mostly at the advantage and if they hold you it doesn’t deal as much damage anyway.

It can still get pretty random though especially if someone is constantly guessing right and I really disagree with my opponent being able to escape when I hit them but oh well thats how the game is.