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I decided to make this thread so that a combo “manual” could be composed to help players learn how to perform combos at all skill levels with any character (I realize that their are many combo posts in each character specific strategy section, but there is no general “rule book” that I’ve found in the ST forum). This thread is for combo specific questions, general combo info., and combo theory/game engine mechanics analysis.

The basic definition of a combo is a string of attacks that cannot be blocked if the first hit is not blocked. In SF, there are chains, links, cancels, supers, juggles, all are based around two main principles: Timing & Range

I’m going to give basic definitions here that anyone can elaborate on or alter if they see fit. Combos are caused by computer glitches that were never fixed in SFII (thank god) but left hidden.

Chain: a chain combo is performed when the same attack button is pressed repeatedly in fast repetition (jabs, and shorts)

Links: a link is where two different attack buttons can be pressed with correct timing so that both attacks combo [i.e. you completely recover from one attack and have time to execute another to combo] (ex. Ken c.strong~c.FowardK, Guile, c.strong~c.fowardK)

Cancels: a cancel simply interrupting one move by inputting another move that cancels the first one (a move must be cancelable in order to combo). Kara canceling is when you interrupt a normal move with a special or super before the animation begins (you will still hear the sound of the canceled move). There are many types of cancels including Kara canceling, and specifically for ST Renda Kara canceling. The key with renda kara canceling is that you cancel the chained weak attack, with the button for the special/super (you have to alternate on the canceled weak attack depending on your starting position, either cr. or st.) (ex. ken cr.jabxxDP, and Renda ex. ken cr.short*2xxSuper)

Juggles: Some characters (all except T.Hawk and Gief) have some move(s) that are juggle-able (i.e. they can be repeated in the air depending on certain rules). “After being hit by a juggle-able move, any juggle-able special move can juggle for up to 2 hits (except Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut, which can juggle for up to 4 hits). Any non-throw super can juggle for up to 4 hits.” -NKI wiki

Supers: Super moves are complex button input commands that cause the character to perform a super move that has shadows; all the hits combo together automatically (whether they all hit or not depends on many things).

Here are some reference web sites: - lots of advance talk here (TZW vid #7)

One of the things that drew me to ST was the devastating combos that can be unleashed (specifically TOD and “crazy” combos). The fact that your life drains so quickly in ST is what makes them so entertaining to watch and execute. The level of skill required to execute combos ranges from the easiest (chains IMO) to the ones that require extensive setup and practice.

Here’s a video I think every combo enthusiast will appreciate, a TZW tribute video from Majestros (have’nt seen it listed anywhere else):


So here’s the first question that I have. At 1:27 in the TZW tribute video (
) a method is used to perform a complex 12 hit combo w/claw. I’ve seen it many times and reproduced it once by accident in a casual match. I understand it has to do with cross up properties but a thorough explanation of how and why it works would help me out a lot. This particular method can be used with many other characters. Another example is the very first combo in this vid 0:05 ( Gief crosses up with body splash [dn+Fierce] immediately performs close st.foward but continues facing the opposite direction. How do I reproduce this effect/what is this effect?


the gief one requires precise spacing and very exact timing. I think there’s only a 1 frame window for the st. forward. It’s ‘simply’ doing a move before you have a chance to actually turn around and the hit box on that move is such that it hits honda even though he’s behind. I say simply because though the effect is straight forward, doing it is much harder. Also it’s not possible after every cross up, the spacing has to be very, very exact for it to work.

Try picking chun vs chun in training mode and having the dummy crouch in the corner. Then cross her up with j. forward and hit st. strong as soon as you hit the ground. It’s the easiest way to duplicate it.

I don’t know what to explain about the claw combo. claw throws out the standing move just before blanka crosses him up then just cancels into his roll, the rest is straight forward. When you land a move the opposite way, if it is cancelled, the special will come out in that direction too. Again you can easily test this on hyper with the situation I explained above, try picking turbo chun and cancelling the reverse move into a fireball.

EDIT: it’s used hella in this vid (which is awesome by the way).

you can see what I mean about the moves always coming out in the same direction aswell.

Oh yeah and you’re combo explination is a bit fuzzy. Take out the stuff about having to start another attack because that’s not always true. And links are when you completely recover from one move and are then able to combo with another. Actually reading your post again, the explination of cancels isn’t correct either, you’ve described kara cancelling not regular cancelling. I don’t want to correct everything, sorry for being so critical dude, lol. It’s constructive though :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response and corrections, trying chun-li test now. That vid was badass, I nearly fainted when I saw the ken 13 hit combo against Sagat (ironic I watched the vol.1 & 3 but not that one today)!! Also, corrected definitions and added link (the one I was looking for all day which would have saved me a lot of time).


In Case anyone can understand Japanese here are TZW’s combos

From the man himself…


wow i cant read jap man.

yeah insane comboes with huge reduction in blood for the win.

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