Combo timing difficulty?


Hi every1, for your experience how difficult is to do a bnb combo in this game, its more easy or hard than BB?



It really depends on what you’re comparing what to. There are characters with easier combos and there are characters with harder combos (same for Blazblue.) Execution is fairly lenient it seems, but there are definitely complex and relatively execution heavy combos in the game.


Well you do your BnB by smashing the X button (default settings.) so it’s pretty much telling you the basics of your character, however if you’re looking for actual combos some characters have some harder ones. Personally for me, Aigis has some tough timing to start her combo after a Mode Change mid-combo, but it’s all about muscle memory. I found Yokiko{sp?}'s combos 20 times easier IMO, the motions aren’t too harsh.


Like Ayx said, every character has a “auto combo” BnB that is performed by pressing the A button (in game terms) x 5
That said, it does less damaged then during the combo yourself, but it does build your Blast Meter and you are obviously not going to drop it. Every character also have a 2 button (press B+D) shoryuken move, though it causes blue damage when you use it, which you can regain (like in SSF4 when you use a focus attack).
There is also a 16 hit combo called an all out attack that uses 2 buttons (A+B) if you connect with the first hit (an overhead) you can keep pressing for another 15 (which can then lead into a wall bounce or launcher for more damage).
They have also removed more complicated stick movements like srk and half circle, so almost all special are QCF or QCFx2
While some people may look at these things and say the game is too easy, its not. Watch any high level match footage and you will see how deep the game goes. By making execution easier, the game has more focus on fundamentals. There was even someone on stream earlier that was managing wins again players with better execution and crazy combos by sticking with basic auto combos but focusing on strong fundamentals (blocking, spacing, etc).


While the auto-combos do give you a basic combo, they aren’t necessarily worth using as your BnB. For someone like Mitsuru? Sure. But Elizabeth? You’ll almost never use it, as it eats up 100 meter for very unoptimal damage.


Can’t describe how strict the combos are, but in any game you’re gonna need to practice combos to get that muscle memory in


You have to hit buttons in combos faster than in Marvel or Street Fighter that’s for sure.


Does anyone have any tips for air combos? After doing the all out attack and launching the opponent in the air. I can do some hits to do the extended combo (It is part of the challenge mode) but I have trouble jump canceling my air normals. Do I have to do it faster?


You have to tap up during the hitstop of the normal you want to jump cancel. Too soon or too late and you’ll get no jc.


Compared to UMVC3 and SFAE, it doesn’t seem to be difficult. As said, some characters are easier than others. However, P4A definitely has various situational combos that I think trial mode makes a good example of. Nevertheless, mashing a couple of weak attacks can easily win you a match and those BNB’s are pretty core. I play Mitsuru and weak attack chains work off everything from her bufudynes and coup de taits.


The chains in here help, but ultimately if you want to do the very beefy combos, you’ll have to learn some timing for your attacks and visually confirm a lot of stuff. It isn’t like Street Fighter where you muscle memory a link timing. In here it’s more like you should muscle memory how fast some of your moves come out and you just look for when your character may make contact with the other on juggles and hit stuff.

Being a Capcom fighter player myself mostly, it’s kind of a rough start but I am fairly enjoying the new stuff I’m learning with these types of games and just going along with it against people.


Inputs feel slow compared to 3s and vampire savior. Feels kinda like jojos to me.


which marvel? I wanna mash shit


Some combos can be difficult but once you get the timing and positioning. You got it. The more advanced, the more difficult obviously. I, personally, usually try to do input to fast so for me I don’t have to hit buttons as fast I think depending on the sequence.


Also keep in mind that you need to confirm stand/crouch in this game to do advanced combos, not just spacing and how much meter you have. Crouching enemies take an extra frame of histun, which allows for otherwise impossible combos.


Just realized this actually lol. Alot of Mitsuru’s combos the opponent has to be crouching or I have to get a fatal counter.

Tough stuff but I’ll get it.


yeah it’s weird. air combos and stuff you can just kind of queue up. but special cancelling requires some actual timing. it might just be because hit stun and cancellable frames are much bigger? dunno. there’s a lot more time to confirm everything.

i think probably queuing stuff up is the way to go. seems to work well and it’s been like that in other asw games too.


yeah, I keep doing super motions too fast, its kind of annoying


Does this game’s combo system revolve around link combos like ssf4ae or mainly quick chains?


It’s mostly chains but there are plenty of difficult links and annoying dash combos. You can get pretty far just chaining with most characters though, your damage output just won’t be quite as good.