Combo timings

I know this may be old but I find this website very useful:

Play this in training mode to master the difficult links, just press the buttons with the beat.> I use the setting of 76
cr.hp> I use the setting of 88
Edit: these two are the same:> I use the setting of 120> I use the setting of 120

Let me know what you guys think. Remember to plink :slight_smile: to anything should have the same timing, because you should press the button as early as possible after’s recovery ends, no matter the button or it’s startup.Also, and have the same startup, so it really is the exact same timing.

sometimes I can get f.MK st.MP timing down better than f.MK st.HK. I really hate that.

Yeah for some reason its like that for me too, i didnt even realize there wasn’t a difference

the hell is this thread

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Can the settings be adjusted to deal with the online lag of xbl or psn?

If you rely on audio cues or muscle memory there should be no difference with online lag, just press the buttons in the same series as you usually would, the video cues just aren’t up to speed

Same here. I think it’s cancelling into a half circle just after the st.HK which puts me off for some reason. f.MK st.MP st.HK also has a nice rhythm to it, I rarely miss it.

Haha me too.

I would practice links without buffering first and then with buffering and I have less success hitting the link. You just gotta grind that shit out until so there’s no difference.

It does have the same rhythm so I guess why I never drop it… except yesterday in endless I dropped possibly every single combo. :frowning:

just walk forward grab

LOL… I hate you so much man… I lost matches because of you telling people to see that… bad thing about it is I never teched… >___>

you never use c.MP
so free to walk up grab
also you never walk up grab :expressionless: (cept that one time i got expose’f)

u lies i use cr.MP more than I use st.HK :sunglasses:

no but seriously, gotta stop playing ranked. it fucked up the way I play and I’m playing like black rage… dear God, help me recover from this.

seriously though, I was dropping f.MK, st.MP, st.HK the whole time. I think I landed it twice out of 20 attempts. Once where I got the stun, the other off focus crumble. Need to lay off rank and start hitting training mode more. i succcc

The metronome is actually a good idea. Practicing links is no different than practicing a musical instrument. You’d be crazy not to practice an instrument without a metronome.

Wow this really helps. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

that pic!

I’m finding it difficult to connect EX MGB > MK Duck Straight. Any tips?

use LK duck straight or Plink MK duck with jab ( not short since it will come out as LK duck)