Combo To CC

Can someone list the combos to cc for the characters they no.

sakura. c. jab jab activte hk sho sho sho

geese. c. jab jab activte wat u want

bison. cross up , c, jab ,jab s.short , mk Scissor activte jab continue.

all i no i dont play a groove that much and would like to no more character combo to cc thanks

when linking into eagle’s CC, do crouching jab x2, CC, crouching mP, continue CC (crouching mp because it comes out in 4 frames, and crouching mk comes out in 5). only let mp hit once and then do standing fierce x2, hcf mp, etc etc etc

and check this thread, extremely informative and well done…

Akuma: cr. short, short hurricane, activate.

Bison: close cr. jab x2, short scissor, activate, st. strong, RH scissor, etc.

Cammy: close st. fierce, activate, st. RH, etc.
Dive kick(must hit below opponents knees), activate, st. RH, etc.

Blanka: on opponents wakeup, st. strong, if it hits, activate, cr. forward, slide, etc.

Rugal: cr. forward, hcb+fierce, activate, etc.
air fireball, activate, hcb+fierce, etc.(I forgot which fireball.)

Vice/Yamazaki vs. Roleno/Dan: Overhead kick/knockdown in corner, activate, command grab, walk forward, command grab, repeat.(Vice needs to roll, not walk forward.)

Too many to list, and i don’t remember them all off the top of my head.

ken st. jab

Just about every character has one…

Some underused character’s CC

Terry/Rock: After Fierce Rising Tackle
King: After either the multi kicks or Tornado Kick in the corner
Yuri: After a fireball in the corner.
Balrog: After Dahs uppercut anti-air
Vega: After flip kick near corner
Athena/Todo: After command grab
anyone with a Dragon punch in the corner…

There are really a lot of them…

Any character that has a dragon that is not completely invincible can activate off of a traded anti air dragon…

Easy now, with that thinking, just about any character can anti-air CC off a c. fierce type of trade.

We want GOOD shit. Not just more shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

uhhh…? no they cant… traded anti air dragon knocks them down, and leaves you on your feet, so you can activate… it can also give you that last little bit of meter needed to activate…

Only poor people who never actually land an A-Ken combo into CC in a real match do that.

Do d.LP, d.LP, CC, d.MK~ instead. The frame data is the same. +7 after s.LP and d.LP.

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