Combo to Super

Sorry if this is posted already. Does C.HP to HP CU to HK RK to super still work in AE?

hp cu to hk rk never comboed Oo
if you mean c.hp, hp cu xx hk super, yes that does work. tho, lp cu into super does more damage.

Cool thanks a lot but there was a time when you could cancel the HP cu with hk ru before the tornado appeared which I could use to get a hk super out. Sometime the whole super wouldn’t connect but the combo was nasty when it did. Anyone wanna test it? I think its a trial to cancel the cu with hk rk

then you FADC (google the term if it’s unfamiliar) the criminal upper after the first hit and combo xx hk ruffian afterwards. in that case you spend 2 ex bars making the following combo into super not possible out of the training room :wink:

No meter required. I swear it. I could do this before I learned how to fadc. I’ll try to find it in the trials when I get home.

no, that’s not possible and there is no such trial. I can assure you.
you definitely mixing that up with his criminal upper FADC c.lp, hk ruffian trial.

no it was or c.hp to hp cu to hk,super. my bad

No. There is no way it is (or was ever) possible to combo both a criminal upper and HK ruffian into super outside of training mode.

Cu to super. Like I said the hk version is the only one I got to cancel. No hk rk

Oh. In that case, as zukuu said yes you can still do that. AFAIK the timing is the same would be the same as before.

i would use cu xx mk super. hk super whiffs on crouch i think.

criminal upper forces stand, so it doesn’t matter.

Is it possible to buffer option select cody’s super from a normal like ryu’s Cr.Hp into shinku?