Combo training methods

Well I have been practicing a bunch with gen and i have been trying to really get my hands used to his combos and I have a really bad problem with droping combos. I can do mk hands into supers and i use his both of his TC’s but i just have problem with one his bnbs (mantis) cr l.p, cr. lp . into TC2. I really have a lot problems with this i get it to work like 45% of the times.

The bnbs that do have down work really good but i just cant seem to get this working! I plan on going to Final round and I would like to get better at not dropping my combos. What training methods should i use? One i use now is i practice one combo for like 30 to 50 mins trying to see how much i can get it right. I try to practice one a day doing that. I some times even turn off the music so i can just get my hands used to doing it. I try a lot of different methods.

I was wonder if there is anything I’m doing wrong or any other ways to improve. Please help me out with wall I seemed to hit.

dude Gens bnb are one frame links, so its best you learn to plink, of if you are afraid of dropping them use the 2 frame links sMP sMK hands, sLP sMP/MK into hands or gekiro, they do less damage but still works. for me I plink and get it 50% of the time, nothing to say rather than just practice and find your rhythm

Yeah my friends tell me the same thing…I guess i need to just my own rhythm and roll it with. Plinking is something i should pick up on. I never tried it before so its something that’s gonna take practice. But thanks for the advice i will give it another shot! Do you play on psn? If so maybe we could get some matches

nah, I rock only on PC lol! plinking isnt that hard you just have to have inputs on and drum your fingers till you get the “sweet spot” rhythm and then practice it. I plink my bnb and it works fine

Drumming… Ok sounds like something i can do…Thanks man really! I will give it a few weeks a practice. I’m hoping for the best!

dude the sequence of your avatars is hilarious =D

whats your psn? I’m down for a few gen mirrors if you are.

if I can do it on pad u can do it on stick, just put training mode with inputs on, then watch the inputs till its plinking then watch your rhythm.

3 hit bnb i find it so easy to hit the tc and dnt need to plink but only problem i have is doing eg crlk-crlp-tc but i plink for that

i can do all gen bnb in training mode get it like 95 percent but when playing some1 it drop down to like 50 i guess i need to play more get my confiedience and get better at footie man droping bnb combo vs mashing dp eg ken it really mind fck me and i lost movitition or get rage

Yea sure my name is Negaman45. I dont have a mic yet but we can do some a chatroom on psn as well!

Also i just notice the avatar thing…lol is pretty funny now you pointed it out.

Yeah man i totally feel what your saying…just need to believe in your training and it wont let you down.I am going to the lab this week to see if i can discover my rhythm with gen wish me luck. I’m sure everyone loose motivation every now and then. But If we want to someday be strong players we should all try to push through the tough losses and the tall walls we need to jump to get to the next lvl… I am a gen player so that means no matter what happens we try our hardest.lose or win or in gen’s case live or die.

one more thing, when you are in training mode dont always practice on a standing dummy, practice on standing and crouching dummy (sHP causes them to stand) and also if you want to test head on to arcade mode or set the dummy to CPU and hardest setting

Yeah thanks for the tips! I have been improving a good amount in the week i have been doing some offline training. I just recently got into the habit of p-linking my target combos ( mp,hp) and it works soo much better now. I have been trying to get into the habit of playing with my new play style. I do matches against the cpu and my brothers who are both pretty good. Thanks for the tips! I have some questions about meatys. Which do you recommend using? So far i use M mp. C M c.hp… Are there any others i should know about?

Honestly if you ask me Gen doesnt need much of meaty, Crane cLK is way unsafe on block (-8) Mantis cHP is good but its hard to use as meaty, the only viable meaty move in my opinion is Mantis sMP, it has quick start up (4 frames) and has the best active frames (5 frames) and on hitting the meaty can combo into sweep quite easily even on counter hit or cMP cHP for some serious stun lol!

Thanks for the help man! My game has been on the come up for the time i been working on what you said. The Cpu punish combo drops big time with ultras and everything possible on hardest so it really teaches me out to not drop combos and what meatys to use. Also I want to start using Crane cHP. but i dont know where to throw it in at. Maybe you can help me out with that :slight_smile:

Hahaa! Crane cHP is a fun move but unfortunately has little or no use, but if u really want to use it then here are a few scenarios u can apply it to

  1. After an oga >sLP reset: the jab makes d opponent to recoil givin u time for the large start up

  2. At max distance: throwing it here usually makes ur opponent to block it

  3. Punishing wiffed hard punch DP and durin stun that have serious scaling and punishing a blocked blanka U1

I will advise instead of learnin that move spend more time on learning to use crane sMP and sHP they hit high and low, both while standing and do crazy damage and stun.

Crane cr. hp can be used to punish some telegraphed jumps. The distance of the moves makes so that the opponent doesn’t imagine you can hit him so far during landing