Combo training software?

Training mode is great and all, but what about some software that you could use to train combos? This would obviously be for PC.

It’d be nice to use for working on anything, and if it was done right, you could even capture the timing necessary for links and all kinds of stuff. Even better, you could have it set up tests of say 15-20 repetitions and tell you how you did at the end of it. Once that’s done, getting a longer-term trending/tracking of your improvement is pretty easy. It would be neat if it let you know what buttons you were doing too early, too late, etc. The beauty is that it could work for any game theoretically and if it used files or a simple parseable format, people could share input strings.

Any thoughts? I know there’s some input tracking software available, and I’d be down for helping out with the programming. We’ve got to have some pretty good computer science people around.

I’ve thought about this before.
Something set up like IIDX/Pop’n Music would be ideal for me, and I’m sure its not as tough as you’d think. If you’re interested, take a look at Stepmania, and the IIDX module. Open source, and pretty extensible.

Tekken Zaibatsu Forums - Can someone program a throw escape trainer?

This is what we’re doing on the Tekken side.

I want this bad too, I’ve been thinking of asking, but I figured I’d get “Training mode.” If this gets done, then that would be the shiiit. I don’t always have access to my xbox, and I’d like to practice timing for links and stuff.

iPhone app

Had the same thoughts…wanted to practice El Fuerte’s RSF loop anywhere.

I’m building an app (for free) to practice the timing. I’d sure appreciate some feedback when i’m done. I’m almost done with it.

Man I had also thought about looking for something like this a while back. If anyone finds anything let us know!

Been thinking a little more about this.

There’s a few (two in mind and both are open source!) programs out there that work with joystick inputs specifically for fighting games, and I thought a good project+learning experience for me both as a programmer for this kind of thing and SF player would be a footsie training component.

Basically, figure out an optimal distance to maintain, and then have a representation of your character and the opponent. Have the opponent move around trying to adjust the distance to it’s preferred distances or some set pattern, and then you’d do your best to make the spacing what you’re looking for. Some sort of indication/target would be shown to let the player know when they were in a bad distance, okay distance, or good distance.


But that would require the actual hitbox data from the game.

this sounds like an awesome idea. i’m a computer science student and i would love to help out on this project. feel free to contact me.

Cool. What languages are you comfortable with and how comfortable are you?

Anyone else who’s interested, please let me know.

@d3v: I was just planning on using images :slight_smile: Sort of how the Tekken throw trainer works.

i’ve done most of my work in java and i’m fairly comfortable with that. i’ve also done a significant amount of work in C#/.NET and C, and a little bit of C++. send me a PM so we can talk more!