Combo Video Music

Man, I really wish someone would do one of these thigns and use James Brown’s “Superbad”. That would be pimp juice extra stout man. I would do it myself, but I don’t know how to capture the video. Anyway, what songs do you want in combo videos?

As long as they’re not by asian girls, I’m down.


anything that isn’t powermetal or jpop. not that i dislike those genres but it gets tedious hearing them in combo vids all the damn time.

edit: and dear god no nu metal

If I ever stop being lazy and auctually make a video i’m already decided i’m gonna use on of Dj Doboy’s mixes, prolly like 2 from his vocal mix 8!

I’ll see what I can do. I’m hoping to get my first video done(cvs2 glitch). No music so far.

if you need an editor lemme know…lol…i’ve been dying just to edit something that might auctually get released. three years with premiere and after affects :clap:

Ha, you should just start making videos then. Hell, snag content from random places and just make some nice editing. The world needs more SF videos sans shitty editing.


Is that ok? I mean using other people’s work in a video? I guess you could have credits to the original content at the end. I really wish I had some way to try and make one myself though.

I hate watching a combo vid that is so good, but the music is fuckin’ annoying. In the end I give the combo vid a low score even tho it had such good combos.

I hate rap in videos.

Someone should use Minus the Bear…but no one will, EXCEPT TMT! :lovin:

Saroorhai, you just might get your wish.

I completely forgot about this thread until I was needing some music.

Vega, PM me and I just might have some footage for you.

Did you ever make that one vid that you don’t hint about in your sig? =p

This Is The Third Time I Ask This
Here We Go Again

Can Anyone Tell Me Whats The BGM In The TS5 Trailer Video


Can’t wait to see it if it happens.

Mondo Grosso - Like No One’s Looking

I think any music that was in the ST game could be used for other combo vids. I mean the character select screen or kens stage. Maybe that’s good for SF vids, but you never know? Actually, I think it would be kind of cool to mix match music like SF and Soul Calibur, or Tekken and Guilty Gear :encore:

I always thought Bloodhound Gang - I Hope You Die would make a good song for a combo vid.

If I could make #R combo videos, I’d use the music from the Turbo Duo shooter “Lords of Thunder”

I did see a ST combo video with the title screen/intro music of “Out of this World”

That game (Lords of Thunder) kicks so much ass, as does it’s soundtrack. I HAVE to find the soundtrack to that game sometime.