Combo Video Music

Ask over at and I can probably find it for you.

Anything from Nobuo Uematsu’s Black Mages group. They do rock remixes of Final Fantasy songs.

Pick up the mp3’s here:
1st album
2nd album

It just did., the cvs2 glitch video that’s got a screenshot of kim and morrigan.

in the 2 vids i made for t5 i used…

cannibal ox - a bboys alpha (inst) [ling combo vid]


little brother - nighttime maneuvers (inst) [yoshi tricks]

pretty different compared to the stuff you hear in the majority of vids.

Woah! I’m surprised that’s there. I don’t think Black Mages music makes for good combo vid music, though. I intend to buy these, but thanks. :tup:

lol earlier this year I was working on an amv illustrating the relationship between Celcia and Junpei from Those Who Hunt Elves, and that was the song I chose.

Little Brother… :tup: :clap: I cant wait for their album to drop.

Those don’t look like MP3’s.

Thanks tons man. That was very nice. Crazy shit in that game.

I’d like to know the name of this song. I’ve heard it in 2 combo videos.

>The old CvS2 “XYZ” combo video, but just the intro to the song and drifts off into something else

>The GGXX#R “Commandemnth” Slayer combo video.

CAN OX! Oh shit son :tup:

MTB is pretty good, not sure if it really fits combo videos though…

On another note, there was this cvs2 glitch video using some James Brown song and it was annoying as fuck, I had to mute it. :expressionless:

progressive rock in combo vids>*

While I do like some jpop. there is just so much Hamasaki I can take. Here are a few Japanese bands that have potential.

Coaltar of the Deepers