Combo Videos :)
I want to main Sinestro but his damage scale is severely whacked. :frowning:
Im hoping in the future patch he would get a lil tiny damage buffed to compete with everyone else ^.^

Hey Upload your combo videos here. ^.^

These probably aren’t the best Green Lantern combos out there or even close, but they’re ones I like to use when I can get them:

These combos start with EX rocket, then go into F3, J2, 223, and so on.

This is just a section of a flash combo video iam creating

I just upped this, some batman stuff I’ve been messing around with.

There’s a setup and some whacky (albeit some useful) combos :slight_smile:

Here are two Nightwing combo vids I made and one for YOLO Lantern

Batgirl combo vid, 50% meterless & more