combo vids

Can someone tell me where to find good quality combo vids of SVC chaos, marvel vs capcom2, 3rd strike,street fighter 2,king of fighters whatevr old skool year

This is better off in FG Dis.

Trust me when I say this. is garbage. No offense to anyone who goes there.

No not really, I dont see anything wrong with it at all. :tup:

just cause they dont have KI match vids doesn’t mean the site sucks. what site do you recommend?

Don’t get all bent out of shape. I’m not saying the content on the site itself’s trash, it’s the constant pop-ups’ which take effect whenever you attempt to view a video (which have now flooded the site). Where did KI come from? Did I say the site sucked because it doesn’t have KI vids? Don’t put words in my mouth.

go to hell, scrub.

I thought about clicking on combovideo ads but they seem so shady! I dont want spyware on my computer :xeye:

…though if someone can confirm that they dont put spyware on your computer, id be glad to help out.

Chill man. I didn’t say there was anything wrong about the site itself. They just need to get rid of those pop-ups. Can you deny the excess pop-ups?

I don’t know why people get so bent out of shape when someone objects to a site they like visiting. It’s not like they designed the site.

No wonder people don’t like posting on these boards.

SOARINGWING make up your mind

On what exactly? I said the site was trash due to the constant pop-ups. Are you going to deny that about the site?

you can cry all you want about the sand in your vagina, I just click the red x to make them go away and enjoy the videos.

Goddamnitt, you just love to make enemies don’t you?

Hrm… now I feel like jacking off.
Good day, sir!

Nah. It’s just that a majority of SRK members are much too sensitive for the internet. Since when was disagreeing with others considered making enemies. It’s amazing how someone’s mere opinion can turn into a WWIII of sorts in these threads. I simply stated my opinion (as everyone is entitled to). The insults & namcalling such as “scrub” & “sand vagina” just goes to show how desperate people can get.

Why should someone have to go through the trouble of deleting five or six pop-ups at a time each time they want to view a video? Heck, even identified & cautioned users of the problems before attempting to visiting the site.

I just don’t see how lying’s supposed to benefit the site. How’s the site going to know what to change or improve upon if noone ever points them out. People who acknowledge the problems of the site do so because they want to see the site get better. Rather than simply saying “Shut up, the site’s perfect,” or “Got to hell, deal with it,” simply because it’s

Just stop trying to defend the site. It needs to get better.

people just don’t like hearing you bitch endlessly. i think ponzer wolf said it best. “good day, sir!”

hmm i get no popups, hmm i wonder why that is, oh yeah, i got pop up blockers. hmm, that are free.

yeah its your opinion, fine. but you say the site is garbage, then say also that there is nothing wrong with the site. also the original poster wanted a site with vids like that, cv IS the ONLY place on the net can do that. somethimes your retarded negative comments need to be kept to yourself. no one asked you to say how good or bad the site is, not even what this topic is about. so stop making unnecessary controversy.

plus ever think of how much it costs to run the fucking site? hosting gigs and gigs of videos 24/7, with insane bandwidth? anyone in their right fucking mind would have some ads on their site to help pay that humongous bill. you show me another site that comes even 1/16th close to what cb does on the internet. you cant. so seriously, gtfo out with this BS with your completely UNEDUCATED opinions.

Why? What stops anyone else from doing that? What’s unique about

What’s 1/16th of what they do? How much bandwidth do they use per month, and how much disk space do they use? I suspect that I’m within that “1/16th” myself - so what are the actual numbers?

I think you have the choice to scale down what you do if it’s going to cost you too much, or you can fob your financial problems off on the user via pop-ups. Remember the whole thing on the Intornetz where people were getting away from pop-ups because they are INEFFECTIVE and simply ANNOY the user? I guess I just imagine that. =\

I think their pop-ups are lame. You know I’ve put my money where my mouth is, so I don’t think there’s anybody here that can honestly criticize me on that end.

If you want further combo videos (original topic!), there’s a bunch around the net and there’s typically a number on the GoForBroke2 hub - my own combo video collection isn’t being shared out until July 1st so I can share ECCX footage until then, but hey: that’s an alternate source beyond what’s been mentioned so far.

That av is effing hilarious. Kudos.

CV archives videos in a (relatively) easy to find format and a central location. Don’t front like it’s being done all over the place, you know it’s true.

I love your site as well, Zachariah, howsomever, it’s dedicated exclusively to Marvel, it hosts a fraction of the amount of the vids CV does (you have a lot of vids, yes, but you’re outgunned for sheer megs). For all I know the fraction may be 1/4th, but it’s still not the same scale.

You should just call up Blaze, have angry make-up sex, and join your sites together or something. That would be hot.


Lol Thongboy Bebop. Pop ups are annoying I know, especially with dial up but if you don’t want to deal with it then don’t and leave it at that. Dont say a site sucks because of it.