Messing around with characters and keep finding a lot of things for this one. This character does more damage in the air with flight and flight cancel.

Forward H = Command attack that launches them in the air a little for a low jump combo.
Uppercut = Uppercut
Projectile = Soul Fist
Flight = using flying, often in the air able to continue a combo
c = crouch
L = Light
M = Medium
H = Heavy
S = Launch

Starting from a jump attack, S or H, either is fine.

No meter, no X factor 50%

Jump S
cL, H, Forward H
Jump, M, H, S
cL, cM, cH, S
High Jump, M, M, H, M uppercut
Flight, M, H, H uppercut

1 meter no X factor

After high jump:
M, M, H, M uppercut, Flight, M, H, M uppercut, lv1 air missile super

1 meter and X factor

After high jump:
M, M, H, S
on the ground, uppercut super, X factor
Jump upwards back to be in the right angle and air dash down which will move you down forward able to continue the combo easy to hit with H, M uppercut, Flight, H, H uppercut.

Very very easy to switch between uppercut, lv1, lv3 supers in Morrigan’s combos. Much more versitile compared to others, well combo wise with flight and unlike other flying characters is the only one who can continue a combo with flight. But it seems fair for how weak this character would be otherwise, so now you can actually stay on par with Sentinel if you wanted.

Medium uppercut air or ground in a combo is easy to go into lv 1 super
Projectile in the air or ground in a combo is easy to go into lv3 super
Any time you knock down except very far your able to hit with uppercut lv 1 super, does good damage

Super uppercut sort of like Magnetos is X factor able and you can jump up back and down dash at the right angle and continue the combo while they are still in mid air.

Using projectile, Flight, projectile is able to use two projectiles at once, either ground or air. In the corner can do very high damage combos with both flight start and flight cancel in a single combo.

Extra air damage, M, M, H, M uppercut, Flight, M, H, H uppercut
Super easy extra air damage. M uppercut, Flight H uppercut

Starting ground combo most bang for your buck_______________________
Jump attack, down light, heavy to forward heavy is needed in-order for the person to not jump out of the combo. When in the air you have to use M, H, S or they will jump out on the ground before a launch.

Afterwords when landing on the ground your able to follow up with mostly anything but it’s easy to combo them in the right height in the air when using something like: standing standing light, medium, crouching medium, crouching heavy, launch. Or much easier to just crouch L, M, H then launch.

Command grab_____________________
In the air using the down dash into S preferably when there is a lot of speed before going up. In other games with counters you often used advance tricks as throwing a punch without actually hitting but simply to move forward and grab them. Though in older games I guess you could tap grab but you would have to wait a little when their guard animation is over.

Corner combo_______________________
Very high damage about 50% just in the air.
M, M, H, M projectile, Flight, M, M, H, H projectile, Flight cancel, H, H uppercut.

Instead of H uppercut you can use medium uppercut to lv1 super or H projectile to lv3 super which will take about 80% or so.

Keep in mind none of these combos have assist but feel free to mess around.

Ummm…mind if I use this on my guide? I’ll give you credit of course.