Comboing Charge Supers


been tryin to nail some barlog combos an im strugglin with supers/ultra cancellin after a special move…Im not understandin how the input would work because theres no time to recharge for the super right after the special …any suggestions?


hold down/back to charge, move to back/up for headbutt, forward, back, all 3 punches for ultra

hold back to charge, forward and punch for dash punch, back, forward and punch for super cancel

use the charge off your initial move as the charge for your ultra/super


To combo into super off, say, a dash straight you would do the following:

(charge):l: :r: :lp: :l: :r: :lp:

Basically you cancel the dash straight into the super. You have to be in fairly close range to do this. You say about not having enough charge, you don’t have that issue as you’re using the charge from the dash straight. For ultras you don’t cancel but say if you want to do a headbutt into ultra…

(charge):db: :ub: (hold it there and delay for a second or so) :r: :l: :r: :3p:

Both are fairly easy to do once you get the hang of it.


To add to the charge super issue, all you have to do after a rush punch, just hit back then forth as soon as you see it hit. Balrog’s super cancelled off a landed special is the harder ones out of a special because the window is a bit tighter, also its hard to see if it hit or not. To practice, try doing it with Dee Jay/Bison. Dee Jay’s HK/MK sobat and Bison scissor kicks are easy to confirm because you can wait for the first hit of the attack to hit the rest of the commands. After you’ve practiced with them, the window gets a little bit tighter with Rog, but its much easier after you figure it out.

As with to headbutt to ultra, always make sure to keep a back charge while headbutting. That means charge :db::l::ub:+:ub::hp:(headbutt) back to :l: then the ultra motion. If done correctly, Balrog should stop laughing mid-laugh. You want to release the ultra almost right away if midscreen, but in the corner delay for a bit. Be sure to know that hold :3k: to pick them up, and if attempting this in a corner hold :3k: for the first round of punches, then immediately hold :3p:, then back to kicks. So



You can’t usually cancel into ultras.

The dash straight input is part of the super input.

(charge):l::r::hp::l::r::hp: will give you a straight canceled into a super. Note that the charge and first :r: are shared by both the straight and the super.


Appreciate guys back to trainin