Comboing Chun's UOH into SA2

I have heard that Chun Li can combo her universal overhead into her Super Art 2.

I have tried to do this but no luck. Does anyone have any info that can explain how this is done? PLEASE

you just have to hit them really late with it. You need to be on the outer edge so you hit them with the UOH at the very end and then link it into the super art.

You should get it down because almost every character in the game can do this. Q can link into SAII, Makato into SA1, Remy into SAII, Ken into SAIII, Ryu into SAII, Chun into I and II, and many many more.

Some of the more forgiving and easier ones to do you may want to start with are Chun’s UOH->SAI and Remy’s UOH->SAII

Once you get the feel for those down, its just hitting it slightly later to get the tougher ones like Chun SAII.

Soon youll be linking UOH->C.Forward->SAII like a champ =)

Don’t listen to ilian, he is a Chun-Li scrub!

Thanks ilian, I will now go practice this. Does anyone know or have any mpegs of this combo.

Mopreme’s link compendium video has a bunch of UOH -> SA links…

yeah, just to summarise

There are 2 ways to link combos after UOH.

  1. meaty… i.e. on wakeup so the last few frames of the overhead hit as they get up.

  2. Outer edge (without needing a meaty)… basically you hit with the UOH from maximum range… then you can see your characters hitting the opponent on the way DOWN (not on the way up or the apex of the jump as what normally happens)

Both ways, you get the last few frames of the UOH to connect on the way DOWN, so that the last few frames of the UOH hits, giving you enough hitstun time to follow up with a combo.

Only moves with a certain amount of range can combo from 2) (outer edge). Ken SA3 and Chun SA2 definitely. Mako SA1 also works.
I can’t get Ryu SA2 to work though (not enough range)… it only works with a meaty UOH when you are real close.

Also, it helps if the opponent is crouching (which is usually the case when an overhead lands), as then you get more hitstun, and more time to combo the opponent :smiley:

Once you get it down against crouching opponents, try in practice mode against standing opponents.
Once you master this, you should be good enough to link normals (e.g. Chun low foward as the guy above mentioned) instead of just supers.

If you’re a beginner, it might be easier to practice it with the fastest supers first (Mako SA1, Q SA2, Chun Li SA1, Ken SA3, etc.)

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)