Comboing EX slashes from s.short?



i have tried for ever and for the life of me i can never get this. i’m no scrub, i can get s.strong, s.short to link 4 out of 5 times but as hard as i try i almost never ever get the EX slashes after the short? how the hell do you do it? even watching videos isn’t helping me.

oh, and is it a link or a cancel? i think its a link, right?

EDIT: while i’m at it, any tips on EX slashes, sometimes i do them too fast and miss the 4th one (but hit the 5th), sometimes i do it too slow and miss the 5th one.


It’s a cancel. Just do the EX Slash immediately after st.short. You’d have to be really fast to cancel it.

Just practice the timing. Eventually you’ll get it. That’s all I can say.
Edit: Oh yeah, I usually just do qcf+2p for the initial EX slash, then just use only one punch for the rest of the slashes. (example: qcf+pp, qcf+p, qcf+p, qcf+p, qcf+p)