Comboing for the beginners


i recently started playing sf4 and i already read all the threads here and watched many zangief pro videos.
my performance online is acceptable for time im playing but i still do have some question concerning zangief and general gameplay.
right now im trying to learn his combos
are there like any tips on how to perform them?
how do i know if i linked or chained a jab?
somewhere i read something about is bnb combo (j.splash,3x c.jab,s.short,ex gh)
how do you perform this combo? i need like the stick motion you do at the end where u s.short into the ex gh. it really never worked for me

another topic would be the option select stuff. do you like always option select when u jumpin? or do you just use this from time to time?

sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance

HELLO…if you go to the zangief strategy section, it should answer a few of your questions. Also, we comboing, there’s a combo section also, and there’s a specific thread for everything there is to know about option select. i just wanted to tell you nicely because alot of people on srk are not nice … and WELCOME TO THE SF4 ZANGIEF FORUM :smiley: . everyone is really helpful around here


i already read all those threads. and i dont wanna know which kind of combos or option selects i can do with gief.
i would like to know how you do those combos and when you use those option select stuff like i said in my 1st post

You won’t get a much nicer answer than Final_Round’s, and he pretty much answered your question.

If you want to know when to use option-selects, use UltraDavid’s flowchart. It gives a detailed info for when to use each, and specific examples for almost every character.

Your other question is obviously common, since linking greenhand is hard even with fast fingers. (As you noticed.) Be patient and read some entire threads. Explore a bit.

ok, if you need visual examples here you go…

This is ultradavid’s option select video

This is Aquasilk’s Gief combo video


overall good knowledge on how to punish…


and if you still need help on inputs i have a little video, in such you could hear when i press the buttons for some of his links … i hope this helps

i already know the first two videos but thx for the third.
but my problem is that i really just have problems with the stick movement and the button pressing when cancelling the a punch or kick into ex green hand

And that’s basically one of the most common questions, answered all over if you look around. The last two posts in this thread are one example. In this example, the Sagat’s ‘less complicated version’ is actually harder to pull off in a real fight. (At least for me, using a pad.)

With a pad, I pull this combo off by holding down and hitting LKx2, while still holding down I slide two QUICK motions to the side and hit LK, then LP+MP.

To do the bnb combo what I do is jump in splash or hard punch, then hold down forward and do my light punches then roll to down back and hit light kick and then roll to down forward and hit PP.

wow finally, thanks amoco
but isnt it a standing light kick?

To do the bnb with standing instead of crouching do a jump in with splash or hard punch then hold down forward do your light punches then hold straight forward and do light kick then go to staight down to down forward and hit PP.

a good way to pratice is quite a cliche, but worked for me gettin the bnb down for gief. you gotta BREAK IT DOWN!

So of your trying to master cr.jab cr.jab cr.jab cr.short xx exgh, then i think the best way to start is just pratice cr.short xx EXGH until you can do that regularly. its not that hard of a cancel as long as you can do a DP motion. go to training and put the dummy on auto-block. if he blocks any of attacks, you didn’t combo them correctly. once you can cancel the short xx exgh, then try your jab jab jab short. very easy link i know, but DONT get into the habbit of mashing out the jab jab jab. i know it works, but its will make doing harder links ( like cr. short x3 exgh) very hard later and mashing is just a bad habbit. press only as many jabs as you need, no more. if you already have a habbit of mashing, which is common with new players, work on breaking it now! trust me, being precise with your button presses works wonders for you SF game. even if its easier to mash for you now and you get tired of messing up, keep at it. so yea, once you feel you can do each seprate part of the combo, work on putting it together. it’ll come. its takes time and pratice, and wont happen over night, but if your diligent, it will come.

Yeah I did exactly what Seventy2B said on how to practice

The way do his BnB: Jump in splash, 3x crouching jabs, THEN during the last jab animation I input the DP motion, then press LK and immediately after LP + MP