Comboing from after JD/Parry



I’m going to start using K groove, and currently I’m thinking of using Kyo, Geese, Sagat.

Kyo mainly since he can land after JD, and therefore land his mad + mk, etc. combos.

The real question is this… Surely, since you can land this after a JD, it would be much easier after a parry?
Which also leads to the question… Do I have to get the JD very early to be able to land the
And… So, why don’t I just skip K groove altogether and go for P groove instead? The advantages for Kyo also apply for other characters as well - are rage and run really that useful to Kyo, or is the ability to sit on a level 3 good enough to compensate? I suppose it also depends on how good his dash is…

Still, one of my main reasons for starting K groove (I’m moving over from N groove, so many similarities) is the promise of a Kyo I can finally be proud of. You think the difference in him is that great? I’ve a feeling I’ll really miss having level 1s within easy reach, previously I found myself integrating his use of level 1 punch supers quite deeply within my main playing style.


God damn, that is like a crazy rush down team, K-groove is probly Geese’s and Kyo’s best groove, and a very good one for Sagat. The three of those character benefit greatly from the 35% damage increase, and moves do like no damage to Sagat and Geese when raged because the 12% defense increase. JD into medium punch works only if you JD a Fierce or laggy move. Over all K-groove is WAY better for that specific team you mentioned. They are all good in P-groove, but over all they benefit much, much more from K-groove. As for Kyo, I use him in N-groove, he is real good in that groove, but probly better in K. As for level 1’s with Kyo they ain’t that great, the level three’s he has can be landed easily when raged. Ex.,, x qcf+k,k, qcb,hcf+p. That’s real easy to land and does good damage not to mention, his combos do close to half life when raged. JD into all of there kick throws when raged do mad damage. Stick with K.


OK, cool…

One of the reasons why I think about the counter speed advantage of P groove over K groove is because I play with someone who uses P groove and they throw me after a parry far too many times :frowning:

It’d be nice to get my own back a little…

So far my time with K groove has been a little difficult. I find myself groping for my roll far too often, and for the most part I never actually go for a JD anyway :wink:
I suppose it’s just a question of getting used to sitting tight and blocking a little more than usual, or actually going for a JD and countering. Previously in N groove I found myself rolling through a predicted attack and throwing or smacking the enemy from the other side. I suspect as I approach top level play this tactic wouldn’t work anyway, but for now it’s something I miss a lot.

In general would you try and JD pretty much every attack, or just try to get the fierce ones at the end or start of poke strings? I mean, if you can only counter reliably from a JD’d fierce attack then the only point to JD’ing any other is for meter (nice, but…) - this balanced against the added risk of getting the remainder of the combo in your face…

Also, is there much milage in jumping in and just JD’ing your enemie’s attempted AA? my P groove pal does this plenty and he gets a lot of play out of it. But maybe it won’t work so well in K groove thanks to the fewer counter frames you get?


It takes time to get used to K-groove if you are switching from another groove. To tell you the truth, rolling gets you in trouble half the time, unless you have a abusable roll. Geese’s and Kyo’s roll ain’t all that great, Sagat’s is pretty good. As for your friend parrying then throwing, K-groove can do that after a JD’ed jump in. You will get used to just defending, like JD’ing a jump in then JD’ing about four shorts or so, getting a nice chunk of life back. JD what you can, you’ll get better at it as you use the groove more. Start off by JD’ing fireballs. That’s what I started with to get the timing down, then you can JD more complicated things like supers or tiger uppercuts. As for jumping then JDing it works pretty well actually, the same goes for air to air attacks. Learn to low jump on your opponent also, with Geese use j.fp or, with Sagat use, with Kyo j.d+hp is good. Geese and Kyo have real good running jabs, Sagat has good running short, learn to do that to, if you don’t already. Another plus about JD is if you mess up you just block, and your gaurd crush ability becomes greater.


i guess with the running option u could always do the run crouching lk…run crouch lk then run rdp k anyway the game opens up a hell lot with running
running + short jumps = super rushdown