Comboing from command throw

Is there anyway to combo from this? I know if your back is facing the corner you can combo no problem, but are their any assists that allow you to combo when throwing them mid screen? I only found that Doom’s hidden missiles work.

There’s plenty of options - one of the easiest being Wesker OTG assist. After command throw, dash, cancel your dash into a crouch, then dash again. Call Wesker after your second dash and you should be good.

^^i believe u can also cancel your dash with a jump and call your assist, since your allowed to call assists from jump heights, plus you’re using forward momentum

how exactly do u combo off of missiles? unless u called the missiles before the throw

Thanks for the help people. Yeah you just call doom at the same time as the grab

I just checked it I works the timing is a little rough but you finally gave me a reason to care about his command throw

I usually just do the command throw, H gamma charge (no L input after), then I call Jill arrow kick assist and tick into L gamma wave.

Actually Shuma laser eye work really well

Hey averyone, I have trouble with Hulks Command Throw Dash Assist OTG. How can I crouch cancel his Dash?
After a normal Dash I can’t get the OTG Assist hit…

You can’t you can only jump cancel his dash or charge cancel his jump. The only otg assit I know works is wesker’s and it only works on medium to large characters. I always had to do two dash jump cancels I would press the assit while doing the second dash jump

You can crouch cancel his dash. It’s been covered many times. There is a window toward the end of his dash where you can cancel into either a crouch, or a normal, which can then be cancelled into another dash and repeated ad nauseum.

another not that related question, but how do you get more hits from the commandthrow? The wiki says its mashable, and i see in combovids that you can get up to 10 hits from it alone, but i only get like 2.

Could you explain this in a little more detail? What do you mean by tick into L gamma wave? I’m trying to get this to work with Dormammu’s dark hole but can’t get the timing.

You have to mash with the same button you inputted for the command throw - i.e. Mash M if you used M command throw, H if you used H command throw

With select assists Hulk can combo off of his command throws. After the command throw you gamma charge H (while holding back for the L gamma wave), then tick meaning: Assist call+L gamma wave, one right after the other. I tried it with Dorm but it only works mid screen and only cause it throws them into the corner.
OTG gamma wave+Dark Hole only combos in the corner. Were as Jill’s Arrow Kick combos from anywhere.

OK thanks so much for the help!! Really appreciate you testing it

I’ve been holding onto this tech for awhile, but here are the options I use for command grabs that do not lead to the corner (i.e. they land in the middle of the screen).

I run Hulk/Dorm/Sent since vanilla.

Anti-Air Command Grab

Full mash on command grab, then immediately call drones as you are doing a H. Gamma Charge and hold down back. Do not add a second input to the charge. The second you are able to, do a L. Gamma Wave and they will pop up into drones where you can get a jump H>S into a ground bounce and full combo. Timing is strict.

L and M Command Grab

Option 1

Full mash on command grab, then immediately H. Gamma Charge with L input immediately (no delay) and hold down back. Do a L. Gamma Wave and immediately X-Factor into S to get the launch. Do either a combo to super or TAC.

Option 2

Full mash on command grab, then immediately H. Gamma Charge with L input immediately (no delay) and hold down back. Do a L. Gamma Wave and cancel into Gamma Crush. ADDITIONALLY you can either X-factor > Gamma Wave > Super again or if you still have an assist like Dark Hole, X-Factor > Dark Hole > S > H > S > Gamma Wave + Super or whatever ender you choose. The Dark Hole causes too much hitstun decay to do anything other than H > S in the air though. You might be able to add in a Cr. H before the launching S though.

Simple tech, but useful.

You and I both run the exact same team, I’ve been using that team since day 1 of vanilla so that’s cool. The main difference is I don’t use drones, instead I use Rocket punch and I can pretty much combo off command throws from anywhere on screen. I did have to learn how to plink dash with hulk though but the damage with out having to burn Xfactor is well worth it.