Comboing into DI options




I have just picked up Morrigan (thanks to Buktooth’s awesome faq) and have been quite successful comboing into Darkness Illusion from the low short, low fierce chain.

Actually this is pretty much the only setup I use to combo since I havent quite come to grips with the mid-air ranges and heights yet, and actually getting the st.rh to land is pretty difficult on good opposition. The only problem I have with low.short, low.fierce is when the low.fierce turns into the close version that looks like an uppercut, but usually the DI still combos if this hits.

I was theorising some other setups (apart from the ones mentioned in the faq) but have yet to test them. Just wondering if anyone else had anything else to offer.

Possible (but untested) setups for DI:

  • punishing close whiffs with a quick st.strong xx DI. Is there enough hitstun from the st.strong? This seems preferable to me to low.fierce xx DI as a footsie tool since st.strong comes out much quicker.

  • Opponent in corner, meaty qcf+jab xx DI. Self explanatory really, wait to see if your fireball hits, then DI. The fireball will probably be blocked though… the trick is to make it meaty enough so that the opp thinks the fireball has already flown by.

As I said, I’d be interested to see what anyone else can add.


For DI you HAVE to have a VERY fast ragingdemon input. You won’t be able to c.HPXXDI if your input is too slow. Since you’re new at morrigan, try the easier set ups… Try doing a jab fireball and fly after it; if they block low cancel flying jab into DI… go to training mode and keep doing flyingjabXXDI until you get it every time… When you learn that you can eventually fly in with crossups and land DI; basically cross over, jabXXDI… the cHPXXDI is still the most versatile link though because it gives you increased range for DI…


I’m just happy that there’s some sort of Morrigan discussion going on. :smiley:

Anyway, s.strong into DI to punish whiffs is theoretically really buff, but way too hard to do consistently… at least for me anyway. I can’t even do low fierce into DI as a whiff punisher that consistently.

Meaty fireball into DI is easy enough, but when is anybody gonna get hit by a meaty fireball? You can also just do meaty fireball, combo flying forward kick, short fierce DI instead.

Coincidentally, I just started working on finishing the v1.0 version of the Morrigan guide. I plan to have it done by the end of the year.


buk, have you toyed w/ VS morrigan much?

She’s really generic, but I love her dashes


Wrong thread, but I’ll say that VS Morrigan isn’t very good compared to the rest of the cast. Like almost every character has better offensive AND defensive capabilities.


Lilith>Morrigan in DS:D

Anyway, this is a little off topic from the thread, but I find that RC counters flying too well. I can’t get in on people who RC everything. Oh well…


Knock them down first, go over low moves, or punish whiffed moves. Putting them in blockstun first works to an extent also.


Yeah, I usually use a jab fireball and then try to fly in as it reaches them… I dunno, I’ve been playing Morrigan off and on for the last 2 years and it’s just too hard to win in tourneys with her. The people I play all know the mixups so I end up resorting to turtle Morrigan. Damn, I have mad respect for you since you can play Morrigan at a high level:cool: Morrigan seems to have so many bad match-ups; that’s why I dropped her from my main team… Oh wellz


Yes, Morrigan indeed does have a ton of bad matchups, but she also has that random hit into 75% factor which helps a lot. Sagat has a ton of bad matches also, but he can turn ANY sort of tiny mistake into big damage. Morrigan isn’t quite so versatile, but the randomness of high/low into big damage somewhat makes up for it in a different way.

Anyway, for just about any counter somebody throws at me, there’s an appropriate counter measure you can do. You just have to be one step ahead of your opponent, which is admittedly a ton of work.




Morrigan that shit!!!


here’s a expert’s way of comboing into the DI.
Jab upperct(as anti air) into DI. Yea i know sounds too good to be true but it is true. the trick is u have to do DI in the air, and that trick is Lp,Lp,> then move up while doing Lk, Hp. the moving up makes u go barelt off the ground.



You have to hit with a really early jab DP for that to be possible. You can also just trade fierce uppercut (happens all the time) into air DI instead.


You don’t really want to trade with Morrigan, right :stuck_out_tongue:

As an aa i always use a deep qcf x2 K super since it’s very dependable, on full 8 hits (+ raged) it does enough damage, for me that is :smiley:


Maybe my timing just sucks, but I usually get 7 hits on the uppercut super. That gets me something like 4900 damage, whereas trade uppercut into air-DI does something in the 8000’s. I always do the uppercut super, mind you. I’ll always take the easy route.:smiley:


This one is a nice and VERY EASY setup for the DI …

  • fly deep HP, s.HK xx DI

=> That’s 9975 damage in K-groove and 10200 in N-groove, and you have plenty of time to to buffer the DI out of the s.HK, and lots of time to react if the fly HP got blocked. The only problem is to get the deep hit with it, but hey it has good priority and nothing’s perfect anyway, and to mention it again it’s DEAD EASY :smiley: